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    Here are the top 5 benefits

    1. PAID TRAINING Your organisation (or the Government) will pay for all of your training. This means you could even get your degree fully paid for!
    2. RANGE OF CAREER OPPORTUNITIES There are over 170 industries that you could get an apprenticeship in. Whether its hairdressing, law or engineering to construction and marketing.
    3. EARN & LEARN Most apprentices earn around £16,000 a year! As an employee you’ll also get other benefits like gym memberships, paid holiday and sick pay.
    4. GREAT CAREER PROSPECTS Employers think Apprentices are 15% more employable than those with other qualifications. And with qualifications and experience, who wouldn’t hire you?
    5. LEARN ON THE JOB You can only learn so much theoretical knowledge at college or university. The best part of an apprenticeship is learning on the job – whether that’s chopping vegetables or designing amazing graphics. And that’s not even mentioning all of the soft skills you’ll pick up!
    Here are the top 5 benefits of an Apprenticeship


    Considering a graduate role - Here are the top 5 benefits

    Considering a graduate role - Here are the top 5 benefits

    1. Support when starting out in your career – graduate schemes and jobs are designed with the knowledge that this may be your first full-time job. You’ll be provided with a large amount of training and support to help you thrive, these may include one-to-one mentor sessions and feedback from senior managers.
    2. Job security – Graduate roles are usually offered permanently or on a fixed basis (often between one and three years). As they are designed for graduates, this period will enable you to become fully qualified and ready for future opportunities.
    3. Opportunity to study for a professional qualification – these will often be funded by your employer in the industries that require further accreditation. Not only can you can practical experience, but you may also be able to study for a professional qualification that can aid your future prospects and career progression.
    4. Huge amount of choice – graduate roles are offered in almost every industry, and you’ll experience a huge range of diversity once you are in your role. Often, companies expect graduate recruits to rotate around different departments to help gain experience in a range of areas.
    5. High earning potential – many graduate programmes offer lucrative salaries (especially large companies). In fact, the average starting salary upon leaving university is £22,000, with some over £120,000!
    Take Our Career Quiz

    Take Our Career Quiz

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    Stephanie, Sales Apprentice

    “The GetMyFirstJob registration is idiot proof. It is really simple with step by step instructions. I was so impressed by how quickly someone contacted me on GetMyFirstJob after I had spent months looking for a position elsewhere. I had thought about higher education but after three years at Uni there is no guarantee of a job, and with an apprenticeship you earn while learning. Experience is much more than qualification. I started my apprenticeship last month and its brilliant-I love it.”