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We understand starting work for
the first time in addition to gaining a qualification can be a lot to take on.

There is a wealth of support available. In addition to the dedicated Next Generation Talent Team who are there to guide you every step of the way, you will be matched with an existing apprentice within the business as a Buddy.

Your Buddy will make contact with you even before you start and will pass on any tips and tricks that they have learnt during their apprenticeship experience. Your Dedicated line Manager will also make contact with you before you start to make arrangements for a visit and meet your team before your start .

Line Manager
And Mentor

Your line manager will be with you day to day and will also hold monthly 1:1s with you to check in on how you are progressing, provide feedback, and make sure that you are supported yet stretched in your role. To offer a wider business perspective you will also be matched to a Mentor who you can connect with to discuss your wider career aspirations and use to build your network outside of your direct team.

Your Training

From your training provider you will also be assigned a personal talent coach who will meet with you on a regular basis to carry out reviews and make sure that you are progressing along your qualification as panned and give you any additional support you may require in terms of content or guidance.

And that is all before we mention the support that you will get from your peers and team members!


From the moment you start you become part of the DHL family. Your fellow team member and colleagues will have been eagerly waiting your arrival and planning how they can best support you as you take on this new role

Next Generation Talent Support
( Apprentices, Graduates and Work placement students)

Line Manager

As your first point of contact day-to-day, your Line Manager is your go to person for growing your skills and experience in your role.


Your Mentor helps you grow your career and broaden your horizons outside of your team.


Your Buddy has ‘been there before’ and can provide you with hints & tips and advice on how they navigated their apprenticeship journey.

Talent Coach

Your Talent Coach will meet with you on a regular basis to ensure that you are succeeding in gaining your qualification.

Next Generation Talent Team

Our dedicated team are here to give you the additional support that you need to stay on track with your qualification and build a successful career.

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