Every opportunity ahead of you, you can take advantage of with the perfect blend of skills, education and ambition with BMW.

BMW are looking for enthusiastic people who could train and work in Manufacturing, Engineering, Technical or even Business sectors of the company.

BMW Apprenticeships Breakdown

  • £65,000 in Total Earnings
  • £12,000-£20,000+ during apprenticeship
  • £30,000+ Completion Salary
  • Discounts
  • Pension Plan
  • Care Scheme after 24 months

Here are the current apprenticeship opportunities at BMW.

Business Degree Apprenticeship

With this apprenticeship you have a choice between working in Logistics, Human Resources or Finance - each of which is vital to the organisation. You'll be studying towards a business management and communication foundation degree in your first year where you can upgrade to a full Bachelors in your third year if you perform well in your first years at BMW.

Maintenance Advanced Apprenticeship

You will be responsible for the raid detection, rectification and prevention of fault within the production system equipment and technology at BMW. After you get your level 3 BTEC and NVQ you could have the opportunity to study a HNC in mechatronic you're the final two years of the programme.

You'll learn skills such as basic hand fitting, welding, milling, turning and electronics, as well as pneumatics, electrical plc's, hydraulics and an introduction to programming electro pneumatic rigs.

IT Technician Degree Apprenticeship

You'll get experience in all the IT departments at BMW including Work Place Solutions, Networks & Servers, Application Management, Delivery and Service Delivery. This gives you an in-depth understanding of the operations and systems at BMW. You'll also get a BSc in Computer Science after getting your foundation degree in the first 2 years. You'll learn about Networks, Programming techniques and languages, data structures and system design.

Tool Maker Advanced Apprenticeship

You will be responsible for the manufacture, maintenance and modification of the press tools at BMW. You'll also be responsible for the maintenance of the tools to improve the quality of parts to help the business run smoothly. You'll learn engineering skills such as welding, milling, turning and electronics and in the future, you'll rotate around other parts of the business. You'll get a Level 3 BTEC and NVQ with the possibility to study a HNC in mechatronics in the final two years of the programme.

Financial Services Advanced Apprenticeship

During this 18-month programme, you will be responsible for providing financial solutions for customers to purchase premier products. You will get a number of qualifications including CF1 UK Financial services and a level 3 BTEC. 

Engineering Advanced, Higher and Degree Apprenticeship

As a lab technician you'll be involved with testing new parts, analysing failed parts and recommending solutions. You'll also have experience chemical analysis of materials and analysing paint, sealers, adhesives and waxes so they meet quality requirements. You'll get a Level 3 BTEC, a Level 4 NVQ and a Honours Degree in Engineering!

BMW Careers

Visit the BMW Careers website to search and apply for vacancies.

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