There is real excitement at the thought of hunting around the house and garden in search of precious chocolate eggs, covered in gold foil. No matter your age, the delight in finding these golden treats is genuine! And the prize of a basket of chocolatey goodness at the end is exhilarating!

So, it’s a shame that hunting for your first job doesn’t give you the same satisfaction.

In 2017, nearly 70,000 people registered on GetMyFirstJob to hunt for apprenticeships. On average, they applied for just under 3 vacancies. 44% of these were successful; so how did they find their golden egg? And how can you find yours?

The great thing about GetMyFirstJob is that you don’t need to spend hours completing dreaded application forms. Instead, you need to make sure your profile is exceptional then click apply on the adverts you are interested in. Simple!

So, you really do need to make sure your profile showcases how amazing you are. Think of yourself as a chocolate egg wrapped in shiny golden foil; you need employers, training providers and colleges to see your profile and want to get hold of you! Add a cv as well as inputting all of your qualifications and showcasing your work experience, strengths, hobbies and other achievements.  Have you completed National Citizen Service? Add this on your education section! Or a Duke of Edinburgh Award? Add this to your Other Achievement section. Make changes now.

Don’t forget to update your contact details if they change. And remember; once you have applied for vacancies, recruiters will be trying to get hold of you, so answer the phone when an unknown number calls; it may be your dream career on the line!

GetMyFirstJob makes applying for vacancies super easy; so, make sure you are applying for the right roles. In an Easter Egg hunt you only want to find the chocolate eggs, rather than boring plastic ones which don’t excite you. Is the location right? The GetMyFirstJob advert indicates on a map view where the employer is and tells you how long it will take to walk, cycle and drive. Our mobile app even gives you public transport information to make things even easier! Only press apply for the roles you know you can get to easily everyday for a 9 am start! Why not change the job search filter by distance to bring the closest vacancies to the top?

Is the industry right? GetMyFirstJob has lots of advice pages. From law apprenticeships, carpentry, music, accountancy and engineering; take the time to research the industry before pressing apply.

Same goes for the employer you will be working for and Training Provider delivering the qualification. Learn as much as possible!

Make sure you take a look at the qualification level too. There are degree apprenticeships, higher apprenticeships, traineeships, intermediate and advanced apprenticeships. So, do your research and search and apply for the right level!

But the truly amazing thing about GetMyFirstJob; is that recruiters will be conducting CV searches to find you. Which means you become the golden chocolate egg! By being talent spotted, you don’t need to apply for any roles, but recruiters with local vacancies will be hunting for high quality candidates like you. So make sure your profile is as golden as the very best chocolate egg

Happy hunting!