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5 Things Employers Won’t Care About in 10 Years

Author: Jenny Dallas /07 August 2017/Categories: Apprenticeships

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5 Things Employers Won’t Care About in 10 Years
We all want to know whether an apprenticeship will affect our future employment in any way in the future. This blog is based on an article written by Stacey Ferreira (Co-founder and CEO of Forge). To read the original article click here and to follow Stacey on twitter click here.

Your age won’t matter

In the past, age in the workplace was pretty much aligned exactly with seniority within a business. Age no longer dictates what job that we can or can’t have. Apprenticeships themselves can be undertaken by someone of any age, and similarly, with more entrepreneurialism within society, you can also be a CEO at any age.

Technology is also increasingly having a big impact on our age. Through our computers we can freelance or even work from home with an employer never knowing your age. In today’s society, success comes in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages – so you can truly be what you want to be.

You won’t need a degree

A degree is no longer necessary in many job roles, in fact, many employers look more for the experience than they do degrees. Especially in roles like engineering, marketing and hairdressing – this is where your apprenticeship will show you how much it is worth. Graduates are struggling to find roles as they have little to no experience – and then there’s you, with a wealth of knowledge!

What does matter, is you - as a person. Are you proactive, can you critically think, do you have a good work ethic? What do you do to promote the field you're working with and most importantly what do you do outside of work? If you volunteer, do lots of sport and try new things this will stand you in good stead.

There will be no such thing as a ‘traditional’ CV

Credentials, like what school you went to and where you have worked before will become less important. People will be interested in actually seeing the work you do. While you’re young it’s a good idea to start putting together a portfolio of successful projects that you’ve worked on. This is the best way to land and stay in, a job.

In fact, with more technology coming about, CVs will be changing massively! Already we are seeing that many companies don’t ask for a CV, you answer questions on an online portal or you can even tweet some companies for a job! Will a CV even exist in 10 years’ time?

You won’t be told when or where to work

There are more and more opportunities for flexible working, be that working from home or the hours that you work. With opportunities to freelance and work from anywhere in the world or even in the dead of night, the world truly is your oyster.

With this increased flexibility, it means that employers will be less interested in seeing where you have worked and what you do. They will be more interested in seeing your time management skills, communication and how well you work independently.

You’ll have more options

Simply, the opportunities that you will have will be endless in 10 years’ time, which means that it is difficult to say where you will be. And with increased technology, you can now explore opportunities not just locally to you but more nationwide as well.

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