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GCSE Results Day – What Is It Really Like?

Emma has been doing work experience with GetMyFirstJob this Summer. This is her experience of GCSE Results Day.

The Night Before Results Day 

GCSE results day was one of the most unnerving and frightening experiences I have ever had. 

After my exams were over I quickly forgot about them, putting results to the back of my mind. That is until reality hit that it was only a day before we got our results. I gave my friends an hourly countdown the night before (it was not appreciated). It was hard not to think of the possibility of receiving a piece of paper that confirmed your fear of failing.

After all of the panic and stress, it was finally time to get the results. I met with my two closest friends to go in together, as soon as we got the envelopes we ran away from the big group of eager students and nosey teachers!  

The Reaction To Results Day

I think most people were generally happy with the results they got that I knew of. However, I knew from the off I was going to find something to be disappointed about. My results were mostly what I expected, I was happy to see I had unexpectedly passed English and achieved an ‘A’ in my favorite subject; Graphic Communication. But as suspected I was not so happy with all of my results. I passed Math’s with a good grade but I knew I could do better as I had done so before in a mock. I had also worked extremely hard to get my Religious Education grades from an ‘E’ in year 10 to a ‘B’ a few days before the exam, but I didn’t quite achieve that ‘B’ in the exam. Although I still did well!

So, although overall, I am pleased with my results I cannot say I’m not slightly disappointed. And I know some of my friends feel the same, it drives us all crazy that one boy still complains about his straight ‘A’s as if he was seeing a list of big bold ‘F’s.  

What If You Don’t Get The Grades You Wanted?

One friend had mostly ‘D’ grades which meant he quickly started to panic, but after looking at his options of apprenticeships and other college courses he’s now happily in a BTEC art course at college which can easily lead him into an apprenticeship and further education in the future.

Another friend is passionate about health and social care and loves to look after young children. She is now in an apprenticeship in a new day-care and preschool helping to look after the kids and talk to parents about the company, and she is loving it. 

After all the time worrying about what the results meant for our future, we are now all on the right path for us to take the next step in our education and on our way to achieving much more.

Written by Emma Prince



  • Author: Jenny Dallas
  • Published On: 09/09/2017


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