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Introduction Into Learning Unlimited

Learning Unlimited is one of the largest providers for apprenticeships and traineeships in the UK. They offer a variety of roles from engineering to digital marketing. They work with a wide range of companies like small local employers to national brands like Royal Mail, NHS, Bombardier, Rolls-Royce and Nestle.

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Learning Unlimited has a wealth of experience in matching talented young people with employers. The training and support you will receive will be to a very high standard. They also have a consistently high number of apprentices who complete their apprenticeship. 


Learning Unlimited has offices in Manchester, Derby, Nottingham and Chesterfield and operates throughout the East Midlands and South Yorkshire.


Learning Unlimited offers a broad range of apprenticeships at Level 2 Intermediate, Level 3 Advanced and Level 4/5 Higher. They also offer traineeships and mandatory training for first aid, forklift truck driving and refresher courses. From traditional subjects such as plumbing, joinery and hairdressing to business administration, creative digital media, design and team leading, Learning Unlimited provides opportunities at all levels.

Opportunity Types

Industry Sectors



With Learning Unlimited, your learning can take place in the workplace or a mixture of work-based and classroom learning. You will receive comprehensive support at all times. They will provide support throughout your initial interview through to the workplace, where you’ll be visited by a tutor.

Training Methods:


Work place

Assessment Methods:


Work place




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Learning Unlimited



Accountancy Level 2,3,4

Activity Leadership Level 2

Automotive Repair and Maintenance Level 2,3

Automotive Body and Paint Level 2,3

Business Admin Level 2,3,4

Barbering Level 2,3

Beauty Level 2,3

Brickwork Level 2,3

Care Leadership and Management Level 5

Creative and Digital Media Level 3

Childcare Level 2,3

Customer Service Level 2,3

Cleaning Services Level 2

Contact Centre Level 2,3,4

Civil Engineering Level 3

Design Level 2,3

Driving Goods Vehicles Level 2

Electrical Engineering Level 2,3

Electrical Installation Level 3

Fabrication and Welding Level 2,3

Food and Beverage Service Level 2

Fashion Level 3

Front of House Level 2

Food Production and Cookery Level 2,3

Hospitality Supervision Level 3

Hairdressing Level 2,3

Healthcare Support Level 2

Health and Social Care Level 2,3

Exercise and Fitness Level 2,3

Information Technology Level 2,3

Joinery Level 2,3

Jewellery Level 2,3

Learning and Development Level 3

Logistics Operations Level 3

Management Level 3,4,5

Mechanical Engineering Level 2,3,4

Plumbing Level 2,3

Pharmacy Level 2

Plant Operations Level 2

Painting and Decorating Level 2,3

Retail Level 2,3,4

Social Media Level 3

Supply Chain Level 2,3

Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 2,3

Team Leading Level 2

Warehousing Level 2,3

Youth Work Level 3






Business Admin

Customer Services


Contact Centre

Construction (trade specific)

Creative and Digital Design

Engineering (Mechanical and Electrical)



Hair and Beauty

Health and Social Care

Information Technology



Warehousing and Storage


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