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Introduction Into Solvo Vir

Solvo Vir is an innovative national training provider providing sector-specific training and apprenticeships to organisations and individuals across the UK. Solvo Vir are a main provider on the Register of Approved Training Provider (RoATP) and they are on the Register of Training Organisations (ROTO). 

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Solvo Vir specialise in providing apprenticeships within recruitment, management and other business services. These apprenticeships can be used either to develop new talent or to improve the skills of the existing workforce. They are a REC Approved Centre and can deliver ILM management courses and other business service related apprenticeships through Skillsfirst. 


Solvo Vir are based in Sale, Greater Manchester. Our regional network of trainers deliver our training within client offices across the UK.


• Solvo Vir runs apprenticeships that the plug skills gaps to increase competency and confidence.
• Completion of an apprenticeships gives learners the necessary tools to kick-start their career. 
• You will get 1-2-1 support and regular reports for employers. 

Opportunity Types

Industry Sectors



Classroom/Workplace Sessions - ideal for fostering a collaborative working environment. Group interaction enhances learning through shared best practice. Employees learn from one another as well as from Solvo Vir’s trainer.

Remote Learning - delivered via an e-portfolio. Employees are given a unique log-in enabling them to view live presentations online.

Training methods

Work Place 

Assessment methods

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Solvo Vir


A wide range of subjects and Intermediate and Advanced level including:

Business & Administration 
Management & Team Leadership
Customer Service

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