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Work Description

Workers in this unit group inspect goods to ensure compliance with regulations concerning payment of duty, establish that persons entering and leaving the UK have necessary authorisation for crossing national borders, monitor maritime conditions, undertake search and rescue operations, plan and coordinate services of private detection agencies and security measures for individuals, establishments or organisations, and perform other security and protective service occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 331: Protective Service Occupations.


These posts have varying entry requirements. Some posts require no academic qualifications whereas others require GCSEs/S grades and/or relevant practical experience. Entry to some occupations is followed by periods of assessed probationary training and professional examinations.

Job Tasks

examines, weighs and counts goods imported by ship or aircraft, ensures that the declared value of goods is satisfactory and that duties and taxes have been paid; examines passports, visas, work permits and other immigration documents, and allows or refuses entry into the UK; maintains revenue control at breweries, tobacco factories and other premises where dutiable goods are manufactured, processed or stored; visits racecourses, greyhound stadiums and betting shops to ensure compliance with legal requirements; broadcasts information on weather and maritime conditions, monitors shipping and provides instruction to navigators; receives distress messages, alerts other appropriate rescue services and participates in search and rescue operations; photographs, fingerprints and undertakes other forms of forensic examination at the scene of a crime; analyses security requirements, advises clients, and develops, monitors and improves security measures; supervises and assigns duties to security and detection staff.

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Estimated Pay

Information on weekly pay (average, median and decile) is taken from a combination of two sources: the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE); and the Labour Force Survey (LFS) (both conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)). ASHE is widely regarded as the most reliable source of information on Pay and Hours, however it does not include information on pay by qualification as well as some other characteristics (such as self-employment).

Unemployment Data

The level and rate of UK unemployment for this career path measured by the Labour Force Survey (LFS) as a percentage, using the International Labour Organisation's definition of unemployment.

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