Getting back up when you don’t get the job.

When you’re looking for a job, unfortunately it is inevitable that you could be turned down from a position you applied for.

The worst part of a recruiter’s job is having to tell someone like you that, even though you could have an amazing CV and nailed your interview. 

At GetMyFirstJob, when we get you an interview, but you aren’t right for the opportunity we will make sure we talk to our clients and do our best to know why this was. It’s a lot easier for us to help explain it to you and also help you in future interviews for similar (or very different) roles.

It’s really important for us that you listen to us, so we can help you get the job you really want. Every cloud has a rainbow! 

There are lots of reasons that you may not get that sought-after apprenticeship including many things that you may not have even thought of at the time of interview. And sometimes, you couldn’t have done anything differently – it’s just the opportunity may not be 100% suited to you!

Below is an example of client comments for a candidate that recently went for a customer service apprentice role. We’ve changed the name for the purpose of anonymity.

“Sylvie had some great ideas and was certainly vocal, but she wasn’t very joyful or happy and we really need someone who will take on everything we throw at them with a smile as we felt she could potentially be quite negative. 

However, she certainly thought very carefully about the briefs and she definitely know the theory of customer service.’’

This feedback put simply means that Sylvie just needed to smile more and come across in a more happy and joyful manner during interview. But this could be because it was Sylvie’s first interview – so thought she needed to be more serious!

Sylvie was pipped at the post by another candidate who had these qualities.

When fed back to the candidate she was totally unaware that she was not smiling and commented that she would work on that for future interviews. And now she’s flourishing in her interviews and feels a lot more confident going into them!

Potentially delivered in the right way to the candidate you can take the feedback tips on board and use them as a tool to help you gain the apprenticeship role that you have applied for.

Written by Kim Francis, Talent Manager at GetMyFirstJob