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    As the industry body for IT professionals, we support your apprenticeship training with an exclusive membership and professional development package. Taking up Associate (AMBCS) membership at the very start of your apprenticeship puts you in touch with the wider professional IT community and helpful learning resources to boost your training.

    Digital apprenticeships are fully aligned with BCS membership and professional registration which means that as soon as you pass your apprenticeship, you gain entry to the RITTech register of IT professionals - confirming the level of competence you now bring to the workplace.

    You have to be 16 or over to become an apprentice but there’s no upper age limit. Even if you’ve been working in a company for a while, you can become an apprentice as long as you have a genuine training need. Most digital apprenticeships programmes last between 12-24 months.

    Technology has already transformed the world we live in and as a digital professional you’ll continue to shape its future. A digital apprenticeship sets you on an exciting and rewarding career path at industry’s cutting edge. You will gain the skills you need while working in the industry you are passionate about, along with meeting likeminded IT professionals.

    There are wide range of standards at different levels from the following five areas to choose from:
    • Hardware, network, cloud and infrastructure
    • Cyber security
    • Software Development
    • Analyst
    • Digital Marketing


    I am working on projects and using the skills I have learned as well as building my portfolio as a business analyst. I look forward to gaining further qualifications.
    Andrea Kahle
    I became the first person in the country to complete BCS Digital IT Apprenticeship Standards with a distinction. Work hard, stay focused and believe in your own ability to succeed.
    Alex Burns
    I only went to University because my friends did, I knew it wasn't right for me, a big life lesson for me was to not follow the crowd, and do what I know is best for me
    Jay Haley
    Cyber Essentials
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