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Clyde Marine Training

As the UK’s largest maritime training provider, we manage approximately 1,000 cadets on behalf of numerous shipping companies globally

For over 30 years Clyde Marine Training has been the first choice for those looking to pursue Merchant Navy careers, and we are recognised as the UK’s largest maritime training company.


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As the UK's largest Merchant Navy Training Provider we offer you the chance to select one of three Merchant Navy careers through our highly regarded training programmes, with travel, internationally recognised qualifications and fantastic benefits.

We offer Merchant Navy Officer training for Deck, Engineering and Electro-Technical Officers. Training lasts 3 years and encompasses both classroom and 'on the job' training.




We offer six main benefits which we think set's us apart:

  1. Fully paid tuition with a place at one of the UK's most respected nautical colleges
  2. Combined classroom-based teaching with hands-on learning on board vessels
  3. Sponsorship payment of up to £175 per week
  4. Real responsibility at an early age on board technologically advanced vessels
  5. Access to a highly paid career at sea
  6. Transferable skills placing you in high demand in sea and shore-based positions worldwide

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