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Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Leisure, Travel & Tourism

  Intermediate Level 2, Advanced Level 3
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Apprenticeship Salary Range

£81 - £350 per week

GetMyFirstJob | Apprenticeship Qualification Salary Range - Where It All Starts

Qualified Starting Salary Range

£10,000 - £30,000 per year

Exact Salaries will depend on occupation and location

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Industry Providers

We work with many Training Providers and colleges across the UK, who offer various apprenticeships and qualification levels. Take a look at our provider profiles to discover more about the training and qualifications they offer.


Industry Summary

Travel & Tourism equals adventure, and could open up routes to working abroad. It’s big business too. Or perhaps fitness is more your thing? If so, the Leisure & Sports industry could be for you. It’s also growing fast – offering roles in recreational and professional sports, and more.

Work at dizzying heights as cabin crew. Entertain guests in a tropical destination as a holiday rep. Or explore exciting roles a little closer to home. An apprenticeship in Travel & Tourism will be packed with possibilities. You can go places in Leisure too. From fitness instructor to sports coach, helping others reach their goals while you achieve yours can be hugely rewarding. And yes, even if the idea of the gym doesn’t do it for you, there are plenty of great apprenticeships you could be in the running for – like opportunities in Leisure Management.

Current Leisure, Travel and Tourism Vacancies

With an apprenticeship you can get ahead faster and go anywhere, no matter where your sights are set. Get set to start your adventure.

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  • “The registration was really simply- I only needed to register once but was able to apply for as many vacancies as I wanted by simply clicking ‘apply’. I added IT as my only high interest, because I knew this was the career I wanted. I am starting in January, and can’t wait!”


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