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Guide to apprenticeships for parents and carers

If you’re the parent, guardian, or role model of a young person who is just starting out on their career journey this is the place for you.

We all want the best for the next generation. We also know that understanding the wide range of choices that are available can be challenging, and this can be a real stumbling block when trying to discuss the options open to those leaving school or college.

This page is specifically about apprenticeships. In recent years, there have been many changes to the way in which apprenticeships work, and the range of occupations they cover. As well as the roles traditionally associated with apprenticeships, today’s opportunities offer a genuine alternative to a full time University route, so it’s important to understand the wide range of apprenticeships available as well as the benefits they offer.

Apprenticeships are quickly becoming a popular choice for career savvy young people who want to get debt-free qualifications (including degrees) as well as several years of experience in their chosen occupation, and it is easy to see why. As an apprentice, at least 20% of the time is spent working on the knowledge or theory that underpins that apprenticeship. The rest of the time is spent in the working environment. This is far more than just work experience – it’s a proper job with a salary that will develop the many skills required to be successful in any career. Today’s apprenticeships cover an increasingly wide range of occupations; Engineering, IT, Supply Chain, Marketing, Business and Law to name but a few.

As well as the wide range of occupations, apprenticeships are available at a variety of levels. They start with at Level 2 – the equivalent of 5 GCSEs – and go all the way up to Degrees (Level 6) or even Post-Graduate Degrees (Level 7). To find out more information on apprenticeships and the levels available, explore our what’s next pages.

Apprenticeships are also offered by a wide range of employers. From smaller local businesses to national and global organisations such as Coca-Cola, Channel 4, PwC and Government departments – including the Security Services.  You can find out more about these companies on our Employer pages, and if you want to discover more from apprentices themselves, then why not meet our ambassadors?

So, the world of apprenticeships has changed. They offer a great way in to a wide range of careers and can even provide a way of gaining a University Degree with no debt. In our opinion, many of these programmes can be better than full time University study. As a result though, they are increasingly competitive and unlike University, you’ll need to go through each company’s own application process, so understanding when you need to apply to who requires some research and planning. Let us help you with that – subscribe to our newsletter below, and we’ll keep you in touch with the rapidly changing world of apprenticeships.

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Find opportunities with DHL today

DHL use Emerging Talent Programmes to recruit, train and support their leaders of the future across a range of Apprenticeship programmes.

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What our ambassadors say about GetMyFirstJob

David, our CEO and some of our Ambassadors talk about their real life experiences in early careers, the reasons they chose their apprenticeships and their advice to anyone starting out on their careers.

Latest opportunities

We have thousands of apprenticeship opportunities on our website at any one time, from Markerting and Business through to Engineering or Manufacturing with employers large and small, you'll find something perfectly suited to thoose you're supporting. Below are a few of our favourite opportunities that are being advertised at the moment. You can also find local and relevant opportunities on our search page here.

Opportunity with BT | GetMyFirstJob
Operational Security Apprentice - Level 3

  • BT
  • 17922 per annum
  • Advanced Level 3
  • Manchester

Operational Security Apprentice - Level 3

As an Operational Security Apprentice, youll study for a Level 3 apprenticeship called Security First Line Manager.

Opportunity with BT | GetMyFirstJob
Digital Support Technician - Level 3

  • BT
  • 17922 per annum
  • Advanced Level 3
  • Chippenham

Digital Support Technician - Level 3

Our Digital Support Technicians play a key role looking after our bespoke communications networks for some of our clients that help keep our country safe. Youll be helping to manage the support and development of global and highly complex voice and data platforms solutions, following the ITIL service operations model. We cant tell you too much more about what it is youll be doing, as a lot of the work we do is highly sensitive and secure, but in our opinion at least its really exciting.

Opportunity with De Vere - Beaumont Estate | GetMyFirstJob
Level 2 Painting and Decorating Apprenticeship with De Vere - Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor

  • De Vere - Beaumont Estate
  • 10.00 per hour
  • Intermediate Level 2
  • Old Windsor

Level 2 Painting and Decorating Apprenticeship with De Vere - Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor

As an Apprentice Painter & Decorator, you’ll be responsible for completing painting and decorating work within the hotel in a timely fashion. Youll be responsible for making sure the property is maintained to high standards and any issues are addressed promptly.

Opportunity with 19 Streatham Bar and Restaurant | GetMyFirstJob
Restaurant Customer Service Pre-Apprenticeship - London (performance based job offer on completion)

  • 19 Streatham Bar and Restaurant
  • Competitive
  • Traineeship
  • London

Restaurant Customer Service Pre-Apprenticeship - London (performance based job offer on completion)

19 Streatham Bar and Restaurant have an exciting Pre-Apprenticeship Traineeship opportunity, running over 8-10 weeks with the opportunity to take on a permanent job on completion (dependent on performance) which could also lead to higher levels of qualifications to upskill further.

Advice for parents

We know the understanding choices after school and college can be difficult for any young person, but even more so for parents, carers and guardians, as it has changed a lot in recent years and decades! We've collated some of our best information, advice and guidance pieces for you to digest, so you can support and guide your loved ones knowing you have the right knowledge and understanding of the choices available.

Apprentice Minimum Wage 2021

As an apprentice, your salary will vary depending on the level of apprenticeship you choose, your employer and industry that you work in, but you’ll be paid at least National Apprentice Minimum Wage.

Advice & Tips Advice for Parents

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A parent/carer’s guide to apprenticeships

As a parent or carer, you’re probably treading a very fine line. On the one hand you want to do everything you can to help someone do what’s right for them, but on the other, you don’t want to be overbearing or do everything for them.

Apprenticeships Advice for Parents

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Will Covid-19 change the application process?

It’s fair to say that a lot has changed within the last couple of weeks. We want to let you know what has changed in the application process.

Advice for Parents Advice & Tips

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What does GDPR mean for you & us?

You’ll be hearing a lot about GDPR at the moment, and we want to let you know what it’s all about and how we’re doing our part to comply with the new regulations, as we respect and protect your privacy and information.

Advice for Parents Advice & Tips

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GetMyFirstJob TalentTalks

Listen to our CEO and co-founder, David Allison discussing the world of apprenticeships with those closest to it. Featuring experts from the likes of Microsoft and Coca-cola, TalentTalks is the place to gain a real insight from people recruiting apprentices and graduates across the UK.

Talking with the Government Security Profession

In this weeks episode, David our CEO talks to members of the Government Security Profession Team, including current apprentice, Chloe about their apprenticeship scheme in Cyber Security.


Talking with Severn Trent

In this episode, David talks to Jade Pearson about the world of Severn Trent. In the week of COP26, they discuss sustainability, and the significant role played by Severn Trent across the region as well as the skills required to keep the organisation running in this increasingly digital age.


Talking with Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

In our second discussion with Sharon Blyfield, GB Talent and Early Careers lead, we get an update on their recent apprenticeship recruitment drive, discuss a sustainable future and find out how CCEP are making the recruitment process personal.


Talking with our Ambassadors

This week things were a bit different! Join David and some of our Ambassadors as they talk about their real life experiences in early careers, the reasons they chose their apprenticeships and their advice to anyone starting out on their careers.


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