• Name
  • Job Title and Employer
    Business Leadership Graduate
  • Employer
  • Levels
    Level 6 (Degree) Apprenticeship
  • Occupations
    Business and finance
  • Skills Gained
    Networking Research Analysis Teamwork Strategy
  • What are your interests outside of work?

    Cricket, Football, Gym, Gaming, Tennis, Food

GetMyFirstJob Ambassador

Hello, I Am Abrar

Tell us more about your experience

Can you describe your job and what you do on a day-to-day basis?

I am currently on my stint within the Public Affairs team as part of my rotational Business Leadership graduate scheme at JISC. As part of the PA team, we are responsible for raising the profile of the company and maintain/develop relationships with stakeholders. We mainly engage with parliamentarians and work with them in dealing with policy changes regarding anything digital or education related.


What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career thus far has been attending an all-staff conference in Birmingham where over 800 colleagues gathered. The event provided an exceptional platform to learn about the company's successes and connect with a diverse range of professionals within the organization. Experiencing the collective energy and enthusiasm of the staff and witnessing the company's achievements firsthand has truly been an inspiring moment for me.


What has been the biggest challenge of your career so far?

Understanding the industry acronyms has been a valuable learning journey for me. It required dedicated effort to grasp their meanings, but it significantly improved my communication within the field. This experience has deepened my understanding of how things work in the industry and highlighted the importance of effective communication for successful collaboration.


What would be your words of advice to someone thinking about doing an apprenticeship?

For someone beginning their career journey, it's important to embrace each experience as a steppingstone toward growth. Surrounding oneself with a supportive network and remaining open to learning opportunities can pave the way for success. By viewing challenges as opportunities and staying committed to personal development, one can build a strong foundation for a fulfilling and dynamic career path.

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