When you are applying for numerous jobs, more often than not you can expect a phone call from the recruiter or employer wanting to confirm more details and arrange for an interview. If at any point you miss these phone calls it is important that you DO return them to avoid missing out on the opportunity.

Maintaining a level of professionalism when returning these calls is key as this will be the first impression you make on the employer – the person deciding whether you’re up to the job or not. To do this there are a few very simple things you can do to help:

Know who you are calling

Has the employer left their name in an email or voicemail? If they have, take note of this and refer to them by name when calling back. This means that the employing organisation will be able to direct your call to the right person straight away or if you contact the person yourself, your attention to detail will be noticed.

Introduce yourself

It sounds simple, but many people forget to do it. A simple “hello, my name is Lucy O’Riley” sets the tone for the rest of the phone call and seems much more professional than a simple “hi”. The employer or recruiter already knows who you are and may even remember contacting you previously but answering the phone in such a way will let them know you can present yourself well.

What job have you applied for?

Both employers and recruiters will be managing a number of different vacancies at one time, so it can become very difficult for them to remember what job they have spoken to each candidate about. If you are unable to reference the role in which you have applied for, this can make the rest of the conversation very difficult as they will need to resort to guess work in order to locate your application. Ensuring that you know all of the details will also demonstrate to the employer that you are well organised and reliable.

By taking these few tips, we will help you secure the role you’re after, even if you did miss the phone call! Making a great and professional first impression will go far in impressing employers and set you up for an excellent career in the future.

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