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The GetMyFirstJob Website is your gateway to hundreds of Apprenticeships that will help you kick start your career. We work with training providers across the country to help young people earn while they learn.

How does it work?

Apprenticeships could be the ideal option for you when you’re thinking about getting your first job, starting your career or changing your career path. Apprenticeships combine working and experience with studying and qualifications. As an Apprentice, you’ll be working for a company with real responsibilities, but you’ll also go to College, University or maybe have a personal tutor who visits you in the workplace to study your related subject. As well as this, you’ll also be mentored by an experienced member of staff who’ll teach you the more hands-on skills you need!

Your apprenticeship will last between 1 and 6 years, depending on the level course you choose to study. When you finish your Apprenticeship, you will gain your Apprenticeship certificate and anything from an NVQ, BTEC or a degree as well as some other industry related qualifications your employer or training provider might put you through!

If you choose to do an intermediate (level 2) Apprenticeship, you’ll get qualifications the equivalent of 5 GCSES. An advanced (level 3) Apprenticeship is the same as doing 2 A-Levels! There are longer programmes such as the higher Apprenticeships and degree Apprenticeships. Higher (Level 4) Apprenticeships would mean you get qualifications the equivalent to a foundation year of a degree but higher Apprenticeships are also at level 5 and level 6. A degree (level 6) Apprenticeship will give you a Bachelor’s Degree qualification and a Masters (level 7) Apprenticeship would be the equivalent of your getting a master’s degree! What’s not to love about gaining those qualifications, all without the debt?!

When you choose to do your Apprenticeship, you’ll be working towards an ‘Apprenticeship Standard’. The Government decided to introduce these in 2017, and it means that no matter what your jobs is, there are still certain attitudes, skills and academic knowledge that you should learn during your Apprenticeship. This means that everybody who’s doing the standard as you, could be doing something slightly different day to day at work (like a real working environment) but you will also learn the essentials of the job in any company. Perfect!

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We don’t just provide apprenticeships – we care about young peoples’ futures and do everything possible to connect them with opportunities that will transform their lives. Providing choice, easy access to skills learning and that all-important break into their first job.

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