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Airport Handler - Level 2 Apprenticeship

  • RAF
  • Various Locations
  • £18600 per annum

As a RAF Mover, you will be responsible for planning and executing the movement of RAF personnel and cargo by road, rail, air and sea.

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  • GMFJ Reference
  • Wages
    £18,600 p/a
  • Hours
    37.50 per week
  • Date Posted
  • Start Date
  • Approx. Duration
    12 months

  • Location
    Various Locations
  • Status
    Now Taking Applications
  • Sector
    Transport Logistics
  • Opportunity Type
    Intermediate Level 2
  • Employer

Various Locations
Various Locations | GetMyFirstJob


RAF LOGISTICS AIRPORT HANDLER - National level 2 apprenticeship.

Starting pay - £18,600 + benefits

Pay on completion of basic training & six months service* - £25,200 + benefits

Applications are rolling and start dates vary throughout the year depending on when you've submitted your application.

*Until at least you have completed one year of service and successfully completed Professional Workplace Assessments on first posting.


  • Be aged 17 – 47 years old (Must attest before 48th birthday)
  • No qualifications required but you will need to meet the relevant AST score for the role
  • Be a citizen of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, holder of dual UK/other nationality or have been a Commonwealth citizen since birth
  • Commit minimum 3 years post Phase Two Training
  • Have a provisional unrestricted UK Driving Licence
  • Pass the Defence Aptitude Assessment
  • Pass a Fitness test - Details at bottom

Most employers obsess over qualifications and ignore qualities, put experience above potential and have a very narrow range of jobs options on offer. A career in the RAF is about discovering your natural talent and working out together what makes you valuable, productive and happy. From the chefs to the jet pilots they send out on full stomachs, the RAF is full of ordinary folks, just like you, who came to us, often with nothing more than a desire to lead a less ordinary existence.

Logistics Movers are responsible for the movement of troops and cargo according to RAF operational needs. You will operate IT systems, load and unload transport aircraft and accompany cargo all over the world. You could be checking-in passengers flying out on operations or operating forklift trucks and specialist vehicles to load cargo and baggage to transport aircraft. It could be your job to plan aircraft loads using IT systems, or calculate aircraft weights and balances using pen and paper with weight and balance paperwork. You could work in a port where shipments of cargo and explosives are handled, or help put together an under-slung load for a helicopter. Like most people in the RAF, you will probably move jobs every few years, and each job is known as a tour.

Within your first few years, you will probably be detached overseas for anything from a few days to a few months. You may also have a long-term posting to one of our overseas bases, such as RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.


  • Check in passengers and cargo flying out on operations
  • Operate a forklift and other vehicles to load freight for transport
  • Plan loads using logistical IT systems
  • Opportunity to drive and operate specialist aircraft handling equipment

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For more information about this vacancy please contact GetMyFirstJob Recruitment on opportunities@getmyfirstjob.co.uk (Ref ID: 248515)

Company website : https://recruitment.raf.mod.uk/


Be a citizen of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, holder of a dual UK/other nationality or have been a Commonwealth citizen from birth.

Employment restrictions may be imposed within the Logistics Trades in relation to the rapid and effective deployability of RAF personnel to countries that apply travel restrictions to non-UK personnel. Non-UK personnel applying for these fields of employment are required to certify that they have been advised of the nationality-imposed employment limitations and the consequence of not naturalising as a UK citizen.

Be between 16 and 47 years old (Must attest before 48th birthday).


Your career will start with a 10-week Basic Recruit Training Course at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire. The course is designed to help you adjust to a military environment. As well as fitness and military training, you’ll also learn about the RAF lifestyle and gain your Functional Skill in Mathematics and English.


Your next step will be a specialist training course at the Defence Movements Training Squadron (DMTS), RAF Brize Norton, which lasts approximately 18 weeks. This course will give you a basic understanding of your role as a Logistics Mover, which includes transport procedures and regulations, aircraft loading and the handling of passengers and cargo. At the end of the course you will be on your way to gaining a Level 2 Apprenticeship as an Aviation Ground Operative – Aircraft Handling.

The RAF is one of the largest providers of diverse apprenticeships in the UK. They offer this apprenticeship for this role:

Aviation Ground Operative Level 2 Apprenticeship

An aviation ground operative could work in a number of environments, such as a commercial airport, military base / aerodrome, heliport or other airfield. With five key specialist functions, all working in conjunction with each other, aviation ground operators form the teams above and below wing to ensure the efficient and effective arrival, turnaround and departure of aircraft.

Logistics Driver from Apprenticeships with RAF


I decided to do an apprenticeship in the RAF as it allowed me to gain all my licenses free of charge and all whilst getting lots ...

Level 2 Large Goods Vehicles with Perasons
I have gained all my licenses Transporting all kinds of loads Maintaining the fleet of vehicles Driving different vehicles off road Planning a route considering the size of the vehicle.

Opportunities with RAF

The Royal Air Force (RAF) performs a wide range of duties to serve and protect the UK and the world. We provide all personnel with a varied range of training and activities to make sure you're ready for anything. A career in the RAF is about discovering your natural talent and working out together what makes you valuable, productive and happy.

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