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Apprenticeships With rwe generation uk

Apprenticeships With RWE Generation UK

RWE Generation UK is the UK’s second largest energy generator, with over 8.5GW of installed capacity. RWE stands for security of energy supply and provides flexible, firm capacity, making it a key partner to enable the UK to transition to a low carbon future.

We are committed to continuous improvement, and continue to invest in plant, property and equipment to modernise our existing fleet and invest in new technologies. RWE is committed to its responsibility towards the environment, its employees and the community; to building a diverse and inclusive organisation and to valuing the contribution that all of our employees make.

We build trust. We deliver performance. We inspire passion.

"The RWE Engineering Technician Programme is one of the greatest apprenticeships in the country as it offers so many opportunities in training, as well further learning at college."

- William King

Why would a young person want to apply for an apprenticeship with RWE Generation UK?

RWE Generation UK Engineering Apprentice and Technician Training programmes last four years, providing trainees with an in-depth understanding of the technical, practical and business skills required to work in power generation as craft-persons and technicians.
Throughout the programme apprentices and technician trainees are supported by experienced power industry and training professionals.


"Our training programmes have been specially designed to give aspiring engineers the very best on the job technical training and educational qualifications."

- Steve Glover, Director of Hard Coal and Gas Power Plant, RWE Generation UK

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