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We know that making a decision about how to start your career can be a difficult one to make. There are lots of different options available to you and any one of them could be right – but how do you know what will be perfect?
At GetMyFirstJob, we’ve placed over 80,000 people in jobs since we started just a few years ago – we’ve spoken to some of our top apprentices to get their stories. What happened to them next and what advice do they have for you so you can learn from their experiences. 

Our Ambassadors

Interested in being one of our ambassadors?


We’re on the hunt for ambassadors who want to volunteer to talk about their experiences to inspire young people and tell them about all the opportunities available to them after school, college or further in their career. Our ambassadors span a wide range of apprenticeships, employers and training providers and are fully supported by GetMyFirstJob to represent the best opportunities across the UK.

If you're interested in joining the network, don’t be afraid to say hello. Amy, Jenny and Louise are the wonderful team behind our ambassador network and will be happy to answer any of your questions, simply drop us a line at


Download the 2021/22 Ambassador Information booklet or contact us below:

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