• Name
  • Job Title and Employer
    Security Operations Analyst
  • Employer
  • Provider
    Firebrand Training Ltd
  • Levels
    Level 4 (Higher) Apprenticeship
  • Training Provider and Qualification
    Level 4 Cyber Security Technologist: Defend and Respond
  • Apprenticeship Start Date
    Oct 2021
  • Skills Gained
    Presentation Skills Analysis Communication Critical Thinking Data Interpretation
  • What are your interests outside of work?
    Running, Gym, Music
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Hello, I Am Dan

If you're thinking about doing an apprenticeship, just go for it! It could be the best thing you've done, it certainly was for me.

Tell us more about your experience

Working in a security operations centre (SOC) team, involves working with my team to defend the business' interest from cyber attacks and respond to and resolve security incidents. Using security tooling to analyse and interpret data in order to solve security incidents.

I'm lucky enough to have a great supportive manager and team around me, as well as 3 other apprentices completing the same apprenticeship with me, which helps fill any knowledge gaps. Outside of that, Centrica's apprenticeship manager James Jennings has been really supportive and hosts regular meetups between all our digital apprentices to share ideas and solve any problems.

The highlight for me so far personally would be passing my Network+ exam. At work, the highlight would be reflecting back at the progress I have made since October, and realising all the new tools and skills that I have learnt in a short space of time. In particular spotting a problem and providing a solution to a problem with a KQL query, something I had previously found quite hard!

What I've found most challenging us managing time and making sure I get enough dedicated learning in, but this is something I have improved upon month by month.

I decided to do an apprenticeship to learn the skills whilst working in a real work environment earning a wage at the same time.

For anyone who is considering doing an apprenticeship, i would say that, no matter what your age or background, whether you have any experience previously, get stuck in! I truly believe learning on the job whilst you are earning is the best way to gain valuable knowledge and experience to succeed in any field. 

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