• Name
  • Job Title and Employer
    Semi Senior Trainee Accountant
  • Employer
    Moore Kingston Smith
  • Provider
    Kaplan Skills and Employment
  • Levels
    Level 4 (Higher) Apprenticeship
  • Training Provider and Qualification
    Level 4 AAT - Kaplan
  • Occupations
    Business and finance
  • Apprenticeship Start Date
    Sep 2021
  • Skills Gained
    Communicating more confidently Excel skills General computer skills Adaptability Problem Solving skills
  • What are your interests outside of work?
    Outside of work I love music! I spend most of my free time and money going to gigs when I can.
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Hello, I Am Emily

I decided to do an apprenticeship as from previous experience I knew I preferred being in a workplace environment and learning in this way. Doing an apprenticeship means I can put the theory I learn at college into practice and vice versa.

Tell us more about your experience

As a member of the general practice team I tend to work on audits and accounts preps but I may also complete other tasks to assist the managers in any other areas of helping the clients we work with. Working at MKS is brilliant due to the breadth of experience you can gain. One week I will work on a not for profit client, then a start up, then a small limited company. For training MKS really sets you up for a future in accounting.

I would say the first lot of exams I did in December 2021 was a highlight for me. As it was the first lot of AAT exams that I did I was very nervous. I made sure to make good use of my free time to prepare for them and it paid off. With the level 3 exams you get the results straight away so I found out that I had passed with my cohort. We then all went to Winter Wonderland to celebrate.

The initial biggest challenge for me in my apprenticeship was speaking to clients for the first time. This was really daunting at first as I had no background in accounting when I first started however the more exposure I got and the more I learnt I feel more comfortable doing this now. I know really enjoy having these conversations as you can clear up queries a lot easier face to face or on a call rather than over email.

At MKS there is a strong support network. When you start you are allocated a buddy, a training manager and a training partner. All of which are approachable if you have any queries or need any support. When I go to college at Kaplan I am with a group of MKS trainees from different offices at the same level as me. They are great to have as we go through all the key stages together. Kaplan provide you with a talent coach to help you through all the apprenticeship paperwork and the Kaplan tutors are all really helpful too. At MKS there is a clear progression path from AAT to ACA at the end of our AAT contracts. My employer discusses with me regularly what I would like to do after my contract ends and what might be best for me.

The advice that I would give anyone starting an apprenticeship would be to regularly get feedback from those you are working with. In my job I tend to work on audits and account preps that last around a week. By asking for feedback regularly I am able to improve week on week and really get the most out of my apprenticeship.

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