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    Level 6 (Degree) Apprenticeship
  • Skills Gained
    confidence communication presenting empathy attention to detail
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Hello, I Am Chandler


There are so many different types of apprenticeships available right now that, if you think the only way to enter your desired profession is through university, think again!

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Apprenticeship Job Title:

Business Transformation Consultant


Chartered Business Management Degree Apprentice (Level 6)

Apprenticeship Date:

September 2020 – 2023

What are your interests outside of work?

I really love reading, running, and watching football!

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My Ambassador Story

On a day-to-day basis, my role involves working with an international client with my employer, transforming how they work to enable a quicker delivery of their operations. This means I am engaged in running workshops, service design, and even more! A few times, a few teams I’ve worked with have been given loads of excellent feedback from internal and external stakeholders. I was so proud to gain recognition for all the hard work we’d completed.

One of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on during my apprenticeship was when I helped with a project with an internal bank to reimagine one of their core processes. This allowed me to gain a lot of responsibility and provided me with loads of opportunities to network.

“I’ve picked up a long list of skills during my apprenticeship! I pick up new ones every day.”

Apart from skills that directly relate to my role, I’ve gained and improved on loads of other great qualities, such as confidence, presenting, empathy, and attention to detail. I’ve received loads of great support from my training provider during my apprenticeship too. They want to help as much as they can! Most of my experience has been online since starting, but I’ve still felt extremely supported even then.

I originally decided to do an apprenticeship as I wanted to push myself further than the traditional higher education route of university alone! I knew that this path wouldn't keep me engaged to the level that I wanted. I've always enjoyed working from a young age so knew this route would suit my personality well and allow me to achieve any aspirations I have!

“If I could give advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship it would simply be to research!”

There are so many different types of apprenticeships available right now that, if you think the only way to enter your desired profession is through university, think again! Have a search of all the apprenticeships out there in all the different industries and levels and think about choosing this route instead, there are so many benefits of doing so!

I was still strongly encouraged to apply to university when in sixth form and received little to no support on my apprenticeship application! Unfortunately, there is still a stigma that university is the best route available for young people, but instead, we should present all options equally to help inform individual choices! I completed much of the research about my apprenticeship alone, and if I hadn't done so, I wouldn't have known that it existed.

Though I haven’t discussed what I’ll be doing after my apprenticeship directly with my company yet as I’m only just over a year into my apprenticeship, I’m hopeful! As it’s a while until that point, it’s hard to say but I hope I’ll at least gain a lot more responsibility and confidence in the next couple of years. Beginning an apprenticeship has been the best decision I've ever made!

Although it's hard, try and block out all external factors, like what your friends are doing or any stigma surrounding apprenticeships... instead you should think about what you and you alone want! Though I didn’t use GetMyFirstJob to find my placement, I highly recommend the platform. There are so many resources available that will really help in your apprenticeship search!

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