• Employer
  • Provider
    University of Lancaster
  • Levels
    Level 6 (Higher) Apprenticeship
  • Skills Gained
    networking critical thinking professionalism strong work ethic collaboration
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Hello, I Am Anushka


I’ve been working since I was 16 years old so I wanted to make sure I could continue to gain experience as I learnt.

Tell us more about your experience

Apprenticeship Job Title and Employer:

Data Analyst at Vodafone

Training Provider and Qualification:

Bsc Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Specialising in Data Analytics (Level 6) at University of Lancaster and Blackpool and the Flyde College

Apprenticeship Date:

September 2020 to July 2023

What are your interests outside of work?

I play the piano and I really love trying new restaurants. I also try to travel whenever I can – really as much as possible! I’m also really into fashion and I especially love trainers.

Rating of apprenticeship out of 5:


My Ambassador Story

In my role, what I get up to changes a lot depending on the day. However, I mainly take part in meetings with my team and attend any that involve the topics or projects that I’m involved in. I also spend my time developing reports for different projects and catch up with my manager before the end of the day so they can see my progress! I have even been part of an exciting project that meant I could lead the updates of it weekly and set up monthly updates with the team.

My proudest moment while in my apprenticeship was definitely after completing the first year of university, as well as finishing a year at Vodafone! It really allowed me to see how much I’d progressed. I originally decided to complete an apprenticeship as I felt that studying at university was not enough for me. I’ve been working since I was 16 years old so I wanted to make sure I could continue to gain experience as I learnt.

“I liked the fact that with an apprenticeship you finish with real on-the-job practice of a role, as well as connections that could be beneficial in the future!”

At work, we do have a lot of support. I can speak to my line manager and my mentor and buddy if I have any issues. We also have a youth team who help a lot. At university, I attend monthly lectures and we have one-to-one messages and Q&A sessions to ensure that if we have any concerns with the material, we can have them sorted.

If I could give advice to someone considering an apprenticeship, it would be to do a lot of research and apply to as many as you can so you can have as many options as possible. I did not use GetMyFirstJob when searching for opportunities, but I would encourage others to utilise it – it looks like an amazing option! In the future, I definitely see myself staying on at Vodafone as I have discussed briefly with our Youth leader. I would love to secure a role that allows me to further my development with the company!

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