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Hello, I Am Tom

I chose an Apprenticeship as you gain experience as well as a qualification. It is more valuable to me than gaining a qualification without the additional work experience.

Tell us more about your experience

I would definitely recommend doing an Apprenticeship, as it is a great opportunity to gain experience in a functional working environment. You are being trained to do a job while actually doing it rather than learning how to do it. Due to the nature of having no work experience, an Apprenticeship was the right path. With time, I have gained quite a high level of responsibility in my apprenticeship role. I started 2 months ago and so far I am enjoying it. This is definitely the right path to choose in order to build a career.

Using GetMyFirstJob was very simple, clear and easy to apply for jobs. I applied for my role and it took me less than a month to get a job. The website was very useful when trying to find a job. The application process was straightforward and the ability to track your application and see where it was in the process was also an added bonus.

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