A-Z of Apprenticeships

There are loads of benefits to apprenticeships, but we thought we'd put something simple & fun together. So here it is, the alphabet of apprenticeships!

Awards 🏆

When you get your apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to be recommended for awards. They could be on an internal scale at your company or training provider, but there are also opportunities for regional and national awards! These prestigious awards include the National Apprenticeship Awards and the Asian Apprenticeship Awards.

Build connections 📎 

Use your apprenticeship to build your connections, the people you meet could be the people who put get you your next job - one step closer to your dream job. Remember these connections through LinkedIn.

Colleagues 🕺 💃

You'll be working full time, so the connections you make with colleagues will be great. You'll make friends, and have the opportunity to learn about their roles during your apprenticeship.

Degree 🎓

You can now get a degree apprenticeship. Graduate from an amazing University such as Portsmouth University (link to landing page) with a degree, at least 3 years of experience and new friends.

Experience 🎓

An apprenticeship is an experience for sure. At a young age you could be working 37.5 hours a week - something many people don't do until they're in their early 20s!

FTSE 100 💰

Many FTSE 100 companies offer apprenticeships, a great stepping stone to your career! Look at our blog "Big Brands" section to see what kinds of FTSE companies offer apprenticeships.

Guidance ✍️

You'll get support from your colleagues, college, friends and family through an apprenticeship. If you have a mentor at work, you'll be able to see how they got into their role - something to set your eyes on!

Happy 😁

You're almost guaranteed to be happy with an apprenticeship - you'll be earning a salary, have a job and be getting more qualifications. Read other apprenticeship stories to see how happy they are!

Independence 👻

Above all else, your apprenticeship will give you independence. You'll be managing your own money, your own tasks and could be able to afford your first car - the ultimate sign of independence!

Jealousy 💚 

You may not expect it, but a lot of your friends will be jealous of your apprenticeship. When they're at college and you're paid to be there, or your friends are at the same Uni as you, but you'll have no debt & a salary, jealousy will definitely be something!

Knowledge 🧐

Not only will you gain knowledge from your qualification and on the job training, you'll be getting knowledge of the industry you're working in. Often a priceless thing to have.

Lifestyle 🌺 

With an apprenticeship, it'll be a lifestyle change. You'll probably be working a 9-5 job when your friends could have days off or half terms off. But you'll be at work - getting paid!


An apprenticeship could be the first time that you start earning a salary - it could only be £3.50 an hour, however it's a good way to learn how to manage your money and still get the things you want!

Nationally recognised 🇬🇧

Apprenticeships are nationally recognised. Often, if employers see you've done and apprenticeship they're more likely to take you on - you have qualifications as well as work experience in a real working environment.

Opportunities 🗺️ 

With an apprenticeship, you'll be given so many opportunities. From managing your own projects, to even going abroad - what you could be given really depends on where you work and where work can see you in the future!

Progression 🌊

70% apprentices stay with the company that they have done their apprenticeship in. A majority of these apprentices also get promotions or even pay rises in their current role! 

Qualifications 🏵️

You can get a range of qualifications with an apprenticeship, not including the apprenticeship itself! You could get a BTEC, NVQ, HNC, HND, CIPD, CIM, other accredited qualifications and even a degree!

Real life 🐇

You'll be working with real life scenarios. Not just day to day, but at your training provider a lot of what you do you will think about in your everyday working scenarios!

Skills 🤹

You'll earn lots of soft skills while you're an apprentice. From speaking with colleagues and writing emails to doing a circus act carrying 5 teas back to your desk!

Traineeships 🚧

If you're not ready for an apprenticeship, you could do a traineeship. Read our blog on traineeships.

Unlimited 🎇

You'll have unlimited opportunities after your apprenticeship. You could continue with the same company, go onto another apprenticeship, get a job with someone else or you could even go to university!

Value to company £££

You'll bring lots of value to your company! They'll be training you the way that you want, boosting their productivity for your benefit!

Work  👨‍💻

You'll be working, just like the colleagues around you. You'll have similar responsibilities so when you go on to your next job you'll have oodles of work experiences!

Xylem 🌱

We didn't know what to put here… Turns out GCSE Biology comes in handy sometimes…

You 🧔 

It's all about you. You will be at the heart of your apprenticeship - getting you what you want.

Zombie 🧟

You won't be a zombie employee with an apprenticeship. You'll be bringing new ideas to your team, pushing you company with your enthusiasm!