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What's Next

What's Next

Knowing what’s next in your career can be like picking a needle out of a haystack or finding your soulmate in a sea of bad tinder profiles. But our goal is to point you in the right direction and help you swipe right on the choice that is best for you. You might think that you know your type on paper, but before you stick to your guns, explore all your opportunities first – you may find your perfect match!

Your Career Choices

When it comes to choosing your career, your opportunities are almost endless. Here at GetMyFirstJob, we want to make it easy for you. We’ve put our best heads together to compile these pages on all the options out there. But before you get started, bear in mind that no option is better than any other – life has a funny way of making sure it goes in the right direction.

You may be better suited to university, others might want to explore on a gap year, and some would rather jump straight into the workplace and make their mark that way. One of our mottos is you can’t choose a route you don’t know about, so keep your options open and try and understand all of your options! Explore these pages to find out more about each option and what you think is the best fit for you.

Your Next Stage

Work Experience

It can be difficult to break the ‘no job – no experience’ cycle. That’s why we want to help you find the best work experience opportunities across the UK. Work experience will get you into a professional placement with an employer so you can learn the soft skills that’ll help you get your foot in the door.


With a traineeship you’ll gain work preparation training, experience, and qualifications. If you don’t have Level 2 qualifications (the equivalent to GCSEs), this could be a great opportunity. You’ll leave with new skills, CV and interview training, and the entry level qualifications that can get you into an apprenticeship or make you eligible for full-time roles.

Level 2 (Intermediate) Apprenticeships

Level 2 Apprenticeships are the equivalent of 5 GCSEs at 9 to 4 (or A* - C on the old grading scale). You could gain something such as a Level 2 NVQ or BTEC Diploma and Certificate.

Level 3 (Advanced) Apprenticeships

Level 3 Apprenticeships are the equivalent to 2 good A-Level passes. You could gain something such as a Level 3 NVQ or BTEC Diploma and Certificate.

Level 4 (Higher) Apprenticeships

Level 4 Apprenticeships are the equivalent to a HNC, CertHE, Level 4 NVQ, BTEC or first year of university.

Level 5 (Higher) Apprenticeships

Level 5 Apprenticeships are the equivalent to a DipHE, HND, Level 5 NVQ, Level 5 BTEC, foundation degree or second year of university.

Level 6 (Higher or Degree) Apprenticeships

Level 6 Apprenticeships are the equivalent to a BA or BSc Degree, Graduate Certificate, Level 6 NVQ or Level 6 BTEC.


Considered the more academic and traditional option after higher education, going to university will give you a new sense of independence, responsibility, and a degree. If you’d like to study a subject in depth for three years, and don’t mind a few sleepless nights writing last minute assignments and some weird fresher’s rituals, going to university is an option to consider.

Gap Years

After spending most of your life in learning, you might think it’s time for a break from education or your career by going on a gap year. It’s more than just an extended holiday, a gap year could be your opportunity to discover the world and get to know yourself without the pressures of day-to-day life!

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