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GetMyFirstJob is a free resource that aims to match young people to the career opportunity that’s perfectly suited to them. Whether they do or don’t know what that is yet, we’ll help get them there! In the last two years, we have managed the applications of over 500,000 young people as they explore the options available to them and take their next steps. We want to share our unique insight into the early careers market with you. 

Our platform enables young people to quickly explore opportunities, and through a quick registration process they can start applying for positions in their preferred location and area of interest straight away. All with your support! What’s more, once a candidate registers with GetMyFirstJob, selected universities, colleges and training providers can match them with their opportunities based on their interests, location and qualifications.

As a career’s adviser, we know that your time is limited but that doesn’t reduce the pressures that are on you to create a holistic careers programme for your school. That’s why we have created this free one-stop shop for all things after leaving school or college that will assist you when advising the young people, you work with and reach the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Free Resources

Here are some useful documents available to download for free in PDF format. These are great to print out and display or to email on to young people needing more information.

Careers Quiz

We're not just here when your students know what they want to do, we also help them find career options they may not have considered before. Our career quiz helps them find what is right for them and helps you with the Gatsby Benchmarks (3,4 & 8).

Young people simply have to swipe to answer a number of yes or no questions about simple tasks. We use these answers to match career options suited to them, helping them explore their different career options. This also relates directly to Labour Market Information so your students know what this could mean for them in the future. Give it a try..

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"To access regular resources, be connected with employers and gain access to our virtual and in school events. All at no costs, simply complete the form opposite and we will do the rest!"

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