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Undergraduate & Apprentice Opportunities at Jaguar Land Rover

Undergraduate & Apprentice Opportunities at Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover are looking for early talent with the ability to Think Beyond. They want to transform the automotive landscape and shape the future of mobility – so JLR's early careers training programmes are the route to an inspired career. 

Each is designed to give you the ideal mix of on-the-job training and focused, classroom-based learning. You could even get sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover to complete a degree or a chartered qualification.

What JLR need from you is a curious mind and ideas that challenge the status quo. At Jaguar Land Rover, you’ll bear witness and contribute to turning them into a tech-led company, as you advance your understanding of cutting-edge technologies and future-proof business practices. All while developing a network of valuable connections.

"At Jaguar Land Rover I get the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, many of whom were apprentices and so understand what it’s like starting out at a large company. We’re all part of a team, each individual is important at JLR."

Think Beyond with Jaguar Land Rover's early careers training programmes

There’s a way of thinking at Jaguar Land Rover. It’s about going further. Taking your mind one, two, three steps ahead. Seeing where your work, the business, the world, even, is going. And making sure you’re in the position to make a difference.

It’s this sort of thinking that’s allowed Jaguar Land Rover to develop steering wheels that know you better than you know yourself, the world’s first off-road connected car, and sensors that can adapt your drive to every lump and bump in the road. It’s this sort of thinking that will change what JLR do today into who they are tomorrow. Just think how far you could go.

"From the off, I received inspirational lessons on the separate design languages of Jaguar and Land Rover, and had lots of opportunities to network and make friends with my newfound workmates."

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