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Apprenticeships With government security profession

Apprenticeships With Government Security Profession

Do you want to make a real difference to the security of the UK, access high quality training, and build an exciting, challenging and varied career?

Working in Government Security has a huge scope. The government holds huge quantities of sensitive data, money and personal information, enabling it to provide services relied on by millions of citizens and thousands of businesses across the UK. This includes for example citizens’ NHS data, military research or payment of unemployment benefits. We face a range of challenges: organised crime, hacktivists, terrorists, foreign intelligence services and rogue individuals. These attacks attempt to cause economic damage, erode public trust in online services and do real harm to our citizens, their property and their privacy. Cyber attacks are now a daily reality and our teams work hard to protect our systems to repel them.

Currently there are around 11,000 security professionals working in over 40 different departments and agencies across government. No matter which department or agency you’re based in, each plays an important role in protecting public services so a career in Government Security is diverse, unique, and rewarding.

Become a cyber-professional of tomorrow with the Government Security Profession

In the Government Security Profession, we’re dedicated to supporting the professional development of everyone who works with us. Employees are supported in determining their career direction and you can take advantage of a wealth of learning opportunities. From induction to ongoing professional development, we’ll encourage you to grow your skills and capabilities.

By joining the profession you will have access to a range of benefits:

  • Remote and flexible working opportunities
  • Generous annual leave allowance
  • Access to the Civil Service pension scheme, with an annual accrual rate of 2.32% and an employer contribution rate of up to 24.5%
  • Comprehensive career development plan

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