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Apprenticeships With government security profession

Apprenticeships With Government Security Profession

The Government Security Profession is on an exciting drive to close the cyber skills gap within government.

Government Security offers an employment prospect that is unmatched in terms of variety and importance. Our work is vital to the wellbeing of the nation, as we are tasked with protecting sensitive citizen data, billions of pounds of public money and public services that are relied on by millions. We are a multidisciplinary workforce that anticipates the risks of tomorrow and responds to a huge array of security threats posed today. The pace of change in cyber-crime is rapid. Modern threats such as deep fakes require a forward-thinking approach in which we are capable of resisting organised crime, hacktivists, terrorists, hostile foreign intelligence services and rogue individuals.

Keep the nation safe with the Government Security Profession

The public benefits from the support of our exceptional workforce. With our work impacting on the commercial interests and public facing services of every government department, it is essential that the public maintains confidence in how we operate. With around 900 cyber security professionals working in over 40 different departments and agencies across government, a career in government cyber security offers exceptional levels of variety through access to the types of projects and work that other employers simply cannot offer.

Join us, and you will be exposed to the most interesting challenges, progressive training and development, and the type of career opportunities that will ensure you remain at the top of your game. Against the backdrop of an inclusive and diverse workplace in which colleagues’ differences are celebrated, and everyone has the scope to achieve their full potential regardless of their background or life circumstances, the Government Security Profession will provide you with a valuable chance to protect the UK population.

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