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Apprenticeships With talent source network

Apprenticeships With Talent Source Network

Working together to attract mass talent to our sector. The energy and utilities industry need to ensure we continue to attract the best talent, as we are seeing today, to deliver on behalf of the sector and UK infrastructure needs. Talent Source Network has been developed 'by and for' businesses in the energy and utilities sector. It is a unique collaboration of leading sector employers.
Talent Source Network is a community dedicated to growing the talent in the energy and utilities sector. Working hard to keep the UK’s essential services running every day for 65 million people, the Network is the place for career inspiration and opportunities in the sector. You may have just left school and unsure about future plans, or currently at university searching for graduate jobs, or even wanting a change in career – there’s a different story and route for everyone in this sector.   

We work with leading employers across the energy and utilities sector offering a number of jobs that include a wide range of technical and engineering roles and commercial roles. We need people with a wide range of expertise from IT, HR or Finance to Civil Engineers and Project Managers. The sector is going to recruit 221,000 people over the next 10 years, so there are many opportunities for career progression.

Talent Source Network

There is so much variety in the role that there is always more to learn and problems to overcome. My team are extremely supportive to me and are always around if I need any help. With the team and the variety of work I would definitely recommend my job to a friend.

Becca, Organisation & Employee Development Apprentice, South West Water

These are the everyday services that keep our homes, buildings, towns and cities going: electricity, gas, water and sewers. A huge variety of different careers are available, ranging from technical and engineering roles to managerial and sales positions. You could work in the engineering side of things, keeping everything moving properly, operations management, project management, or in technical and maintenance roles. 

Jobs in energy

The energy side of the industry is particularly exciting, you could work outdoors on site, on land or out at sea, in an office, or even in a laboratory. This sector requires specialist scientists operating in the research and development energy, especially important with the increasing necessity for more environmentally friendly energy solutions. For example, geoscientists survey the earth’s surface using specialist equipment to search for oil reserves, gas reserves and other natural resources.  Non-renewable energy resources – coal and oil, for example – are still required by consumers, so the industry still needs experts in mining, gathering and extraction.

With increasing environmental concerns across the world, the energy and utilities sector is becoming one of the most innovative and adaptable sectors in the UK. The government is targeting renewable sources such as wind, solar and tidal energy to provide 15% of our power by 2020, so there has been a rise in the development of renewable energy resources, such as solar panels, hydroelectric dams and biomass fuel. Major oil and petroleum companies are beginning to develop fuels that are more environmentally friendly – a really future-proof career for those who pursue it.

Energy & utilities Apprenticeships

If you are a school leaver wanting to work in this sector you could do an Intermediate Apprenticeship (Level 2) after GCSEs, and train in roles like gas network team leader and dual fuel smart meter installer. You could then do an Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3) in roles like power network craftsperson and utilities engineering technician. If you are a school leaver, with A-levels, could also access these schemes.

There are also energy Degree Apprenticeships, for school leavers who have achieved high grades at A-level. These are in the nuclear energy field. Your employer will pay your tuition fees and a salary, for the work you will do alongside your studies.

I’m half-way through my programme now, definitely no regrets. Doing an apprenticeship is great! I’ve already met so many new people and have learned so much, from how to resolve customer enquiries effectively to phone communication skills.

Safanah, Customer Service Advisor Apprentice, British Gas

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