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Apprenticeships With aon

Apprenticeships With Aon

You may know Aon through their association with Manchester United. You may have seen them in the news. You may not know that they're one of the world's most successful professional services companies, helping the biggest names in business plan for every eventuality.

From economic upheaval to political crises to natural disasters and plenty more besides, the world is full of surprises. Aon's job is to help our clients prepare for and manage those risks, through pensions, insurance, investment consulting and human capital consulting. With 72,000 people and a clear focus on innovation, Aon is the world's #1 insurance broker, #1 provider of reinsurance and #1 for human capital consulting.

Rising tuition fees make university an increasingly costly prospect. If you'd rather develop vital skills, make a head start in your career and learn whilst you earn, an Aon Apprenticeship is a brilliant choice.

Apprenticeships with Aon

Start working or carry on studying? It's one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make so you need to be as informed as possible. Here's everything you need to know about one excellent option – a far-reaching and rewarding Apprenticeship at Aon:

  • Aon Apprentices have real jobs – you'll be a permanent Aon employee from the word go.
  • Aon Apprentices are paid to learn – you'll earn a competitive starting salary that grows with your experience, and Aon will support your professional studies and personal development.
  • Aon Apprentices make an impact – you're the future of Aon, and you'll be prepared fully for success on a journey that's often demanding but always rewarding.

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