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Job Opportunities With HM Revenue and customs

Job Opportunities With HM Revenue and Customs

As one of the UK’s largest government departments, our work makes a difference across all businesses and households within the UK. This is achieved by collecting the money that pays for the UK public services and by helping families and individuals by providing targeted financial support where required.

We’re not all Tax Professionals either! We have over 20 various Professions, attracting a diverse workforce including Digital Specialists, Data Analysts, Policy Makers and Government Communicators.

We can only achieve our purpose through the skill, dedication and professionalism of our people. You deserve to feel valued, rewarded and connected to the work you do – so through our People Strategy, we’re committed to making HMRC an inclusive environment that engages, motivates and is a better place to work for everyone.

We’re dedicated to investing in you every step of the way, so if you’re looking to get ahead, join us and see how you can make a difference.

“I'm a Fast Track Apprentice, providing project support for the EU exit program. It's quite fast-paced – I can't ever predict the next week ahead and I'm never bored"

- Annalise, Fast Track Apprentice

Make a difference across all UK businesses and households

Apprentices in Government Departments are not paid an apprenticeship wage (currently £3.70 for 16-19 years olds, national minimum wage for 19+) – all our apprentices are paid the same as others at the same grade. You could have a starting salary of £18,000+. 

Additionally, within Government Departments Apprenticeships are full-time paid jobs with training, you will be working in a genuine job role. In most cases we offer apprentices a permanent role, subject to passing probation.


“I needed specific qualifications to get on my team, but they’re all paid for by HMRC as part of an accelerated development course." - Christine, Diverted Profits Team

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