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Degree Apprenticeships, bringing together the best of higher and vocational training

Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships

Want to study at degree level while gaining on the job training and earning a salary? A Degree Apprenticeship is a new education route, just launched by the Government, bringing together the best of higher and vocational training. This new option enables university study and the invaluable on-the-job training typical of an Apprenticeship, without having to cover the cost of tuition.

As a Degree Apprentice you will split your time between university study and the workplace and will be employed throughout – gaining a full bachelor’s or master’s degree from a top university while earning a wage and getting real on-the-job experience in your chosen profession. Offered in key industries including Chartered Surveying, Aerospace Engineering and Nuclear, your Degree Apprenticeship will take you even further in your education and career.

Your training will involve a degree, as a primary part of the apprenticeship, designed in partnership with employers to make sure it is relevant to what the skills industry is looking for. As with other Apprenticeships, the cost of course fees is shared between government and employers, meaning no cost to you. Degree Apprenticeships are suitable for college leavers as an alternative route to gaining a degree and for existing Apprentices looking to progress in their career.

There are currently 13 Degree Apprenticeships on offer:

  • Chartered Surveying
  • Electronic Systems Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aerospace Software Development
  • Defence Systems Engineering
  • Laboratory Science
  • Nuclear
  • Power Systems
  • Public Relations
  • Digital
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Banking Relationship Manager
  • Construction

An apprenticeship is a great way to enjoy a successful start in work, and life. As well as learning the skills and gaining the qualifications you want, you’ll also gain confidence and the chance to learn while earning. Every Apprenticeship is different, but each one is varied, stimulating and challenging.

Discover the Degree Apprenticeship that’s right for you.

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Help young people to discover the future that’s waiting for them, help them build valuable skills and get on the path to success. An Apprenticeship gives practical on-the-job experience, essential learning tools and all-important qualifications that will last for a lifetime.

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Go to the GetMyFirstJob Home Page and click the “Sign Up” button and follow the 4 page application process, it takes less than 10 minutes. Once you have completed the registration, to make your profile more desirable, ensure you have completed the ‘About You’ section with as much detail as possible as well as uploading your CV to the ‘Documentation Tab’.

The GetMyFirstJob system does not have an upper age limit for applicants. We have lots of different Training Providers and Colleges using GetMyFirstJob to fill their vacancies, each organisation recruits people of different ages and qualifications to suit the individual vacancies.

Log on using your username and password, click on ‘My Profile’, then select the ’Document Tab’ which will allow you to select and upload your CV or other documents which may help you secure a job. Please note the CV needs to be less than 1MB and a word or PDF document. The document must be without any punctuation or symbols in the file name.

As soon as you have completed the sign up, your details will appear against vacancies in your area, meaning Training Providers and Colleges will begin matching you to jobs that match your interests. If you would like to search and apply for specific jobs simply click on the ‘Search Vacancies’ tab on the right hand-side of the page. Once a Training Provider or College matches your details to a vacancy they will contact you via email, telephone or text message, so be sure to keep your contact details up-to-date.

When you registered with us you will have received confirmation emails from the GetMyFirstJob team with these details included so it is worth checking your inbox. It might also be worth checking you ‘spam’ or ‘junk mail’ folders. Don’t worry if you cannot locate these emails, if you know your ‘User Name’ you can request to ‘Retrieve Password’ on the login screen and it will be emailed to the address you provided during you registration. If you have forgotten your user name or your email address has changed since you last logged in, please email us

There are a few ways to search and apply for vacancies.

  1. Log on using your username and password. Click on the ‘My Profile’ button at the top of the page. Then click on the ‘Job Search’ at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on the “Search Vacancies” orange tab located on the right hand-side of every page of the website.
  3. Download the GetMyFirstJob app and begin your search. All of your search criteria will be saved to make it even easier to find out about new vacancies that fit your interests as they are added. You will only need to login when you want to apply.

When searching you can select the distance from your home address and the types of jobs you are interested in. When you have found a vacancy that interests you, click the “More Info” button and you will be directed to the Vacancy details. When you have reviewed the details of the vacancy you can apply by clicking ‘Apply Now’.

To review all your job applications, click ‘My Profile’ followed by ‘Job Applications’ you will then be able to view you current status against all of vacancies you have applied for.

The GetMyFirstJob team have set the distance to 30 mile to enable you to be matched to job opportunities and training in your local area. We feel you will not get the most out of your apprenticeship training and wage if you have to travel long distances daily.

To see the status of each application simply login to your profile where you will be able to view all of your applications and their progress. If you still require further information, you will need to contact the relevant Training Providers or College managing that particular vacancy. To find out the contact details of the person managing the vacancy login to your profile, take a look at your applications, click on the relevant vacancy and review the ‘Vacancy Details’ on the GetMyFirstJob website. You will then be able to discuss your application with the team managing the role you have applied for directly.

It is sometimes possible that the reference number or job description has been changed by the person managing the vacancy - the best way to view the vacancy in this case is to; log into your profile, select job search, leave the reference number blank and change the radius of your search to 30 miles, that way any vacancies that match your criteria in your area will appear.

On your initial registration you are able to insert a NAS reference number if you have found a vacancy on the National Apprenticeship Service. It is also possible to search for a vacancy using the NAS Reference once you have signed up.

If you have any other qualifications you would like to tell us about; do this by going to ’ Your Profile’ and adding them to the ‘Other Information’ section in the text box entitled, ‘Other Achievements’.

Log on using your username and password, click ‘My Profile’ button at the top of the page; PLEASE ensure you save your profile before you log out.

If the vacancy you applied for is no longer appearing in your ‘Job Application’ or ‘Job Search’, it means the role has unfortunately been filled. But please do not worry! You will be considered for all vacancies in your area- even the ones you have not applied for. Every few days log onto your profile and search for jobs you are interested in to keep ahead of the game.

Please try using a different browser such as Firefox and Google chrome- these two browsers work best with GetMyFirstJob. To download these access Google chrome or Firefox

Firstly if there is anything we can do help you further that has not been fulfilled so far, please do contact us and we will be happy to help. If you still wish to delete your GetMyFirstJob account please log in, click on the log in details (the blue button) on the bottom of your profile page and then a new screen will appear with your details in and a button which gives you the option to delete your account with us.


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We don’t just provide apprenticeships – we care about young peoples’ futures and do everything possible to connect them with opportunities that will transform their lives. Providing choice, easy access to skills learning and that all-important break into their first job.

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