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Higher Apprenticeships

Higher Apprenticeships

Discover the future that’s waiting for you, continue to build valuable skills and get on the path to success. If you’ve completed your A- Levels, a vocational qualification equivalent, or a level 3 Apprenticeship you may now be considering what’s next. It could be the time to consider a Higher Apprenticeship. A Higher Apprenticeship gives you practical on-the-job experience, essential learning tools and all-important progression of your qualifications that will boost your career and stand you in good stead for a bright future in your chosen area.

Higher Apprenticeships are the next step in your further education. A level 6 Higher Apprenticeship is the vocational equivalent to a university degree. A Higher Apprenticeship is a real job and gives you the same great benefits as other Apprenticeships. You will receive training in the workplace enabling you to progress up to the next level academically, invaluable work experience, a decent salary and great future job prospects. And you won’t be left with hefty student debts.

You'll be working alongside experienced people, supporting them and learning from them as you go. Working at least 30 hours a week, you’ll gain most of the training you need in the workplace. But you may also go to a college, training provider or learn online to gain vital skills and qualifications.

Higher Apprenticeships are now available in more than 40 job areas, so there are plenty to choose from. Respected by employers across the world, Higher Apprenticeships lead to a national qualification, with a network of support available to give you all the help you need to do well. It’s also in your employers’ interest to help you succeed. And all your training will be designed with your employer. So you can relax in the knowledge that you’re learning the right stuff to get you ahead. Right now, the government is committed to expanding the number of providers and colleges that provide training to degree level. That means there’s now more exciting opportunities to choose from than ever before.

An apprenticeship is a great way to enjoy a successful start in work, and life. As well as learning the skills and gaining the qualifications you want, you’ll also gain confidence and the chance to learn while earning. Every apprenticeship is different, but each one is varied, stimulating and challenging.

Discover the Higher Apprenticeship that’s right for you.

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Help young people to discover the future that’s waiting for them, help them build valuable skills and get on the path to success. An Apprenticeship gives practical on-the-job experience, essential learning tools and all-important qualifications that will last for a lifetime.

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A degree apprenticeship is a combination of academic study at a university, or at a training provider in partnership with a university alongside on-the-job training. Most of your training and assessment will generally take place within your employers’ workplace.

Apprentices have to be employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week. They are a great way to recruit new staff to a business or to upskill existing staff. Apprentices must be legible to live and work in the UK. As for a normal degree, you will need the right number of UCAS points to be accepted onto your course, with A Levels, Level 3 or 4 Apprenticeship or equivalent counting towards that. Many apprenticeship routes can take young people from a more basic level all the way through to degree level.

The apprenticeship levy was introduced in April 2017 and affects every business in the UK with a pay bill over £3 million annually. The levy supports changes to apprenticeship funding in England and starts at 0.5%. Smaller businesses who don’t pay the levy can claim back 90% of the training costs, rising to 100% when employing 16-18 year olds.

Degree level apprenticeships allow people to develop and expand their existing skill set and knowledge to a higher level within their current workplace whilst acquiring on-the-job training. Other benefits include:

  • Achieving a full BA / BSc (Hons) degree whilst in work
  • Career progression within the business
  • Flexible delivery models supporting your work life balance
  • Support from both your employer and the University you study at
  • No cost to the apprentice

A degree apprenticeship lasts a minimum of one year and will typically take 3 years until fully completed. Apprentices will receive a full BSc or BA Honours degree.

  • Georgia Copley, Supervisor Apprentice with Waitrose and First4Skills

    “I was directed from the Waitrose website to GetMyFirstJob and found it really easy to register. The suggestions on the registration page make it easy to complete. I wanted to start an apprenticeship as it is a way to open doors with a great company. I knew that Waitrose have great benefits and treat their staff well, which is why I applied for this position.


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We don’t just provide apprenticeships – we care about young peoples’ futures and do everything possible to connect them with opportunities that will transform their lives. Providing choice, easy access to skills learning and that all-important break into their first job.

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