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Level 2 Apprenticeships or Intermediate apprenticeships are the equivalent of getting 5 GCSEs at A* - C (or 9 to 4 on the new scales). They are the most popular level apprenticeship in the UK and have been for years!

Intermediate Apprenticeships (Level 2)

Level 2 Apprenticeships or Intermediate apprenticeships are the equivalent of getting 5 GCSEs at A* - C (or 9 to 4 on the new scales). They are the most popular level apprenticeship in the UK and have been for years! They are a great way to take the first step in starting your future career, and for those aged 16, they offer an alternative to staying at school and learning in the traditional classroom environment.

As an intermediate apprentice, you’ll be working full-time with an employer and spending time studying towards a qualification at college or with a training provider. You’ll study towards qualifications at the same level as five GCSEs, such as NVQ Level 2, and a knowledge-based qualification such as BTEC Diploma and Certificate, relevant to the sector and job role. You can go on to complete advanced and higher apprenticeships.

At this level, your apprenticeship will be designed to train you for work to the best of your ability rather than focus on increasing your responsibility straight away, but this doesn’t mean you won’t have any. You’ll learn key employability skills as well as get specialised training with the company that you work for.

To get onto an intermediate apprenticeship, it is likely that you will need two or more GCSEs, although some employers don’t ask for any formal qualifications. Instead, they ask if you have experience in the industry, if you don’t have maths and English you may have to complete a basic literacy and numeracy test to check that the level apprenticeship is right for you.

What are they like?

You’ll be working like any other employee doing the exact same jobs with the same duties and responsibilities, you will just have more support. You’ll spend 80% of your time at work, whether that’s no the workshop floor, working on reception, in the kitchen or much more. You’ll also be working towards a qualification with the support of a workplace mentor, this might be your manager, someone else you work with or it could be someone that’s already done the programme.

What qualification do I get?

You’ll get level 2 qualifications doing an intermediate apprenticeship, this means you’ll get qualifications that are the equivalent to 5 good GCSEs, that’s A* - C or 9-4. You might get BTECs or NVQs, depending on what apprenticeship you choose to do. If you don’t have English or maths qualifications, you’ll also get level 2 Functional Skills in maths and English to pass the apprenticeship programme.

Depending on your employer, you may also work on other qualifications which are more directly related to your job. That could be a qualification to use certain systems at your workplace or use certain pieces of machinery. It all depends on where you end up working!

How do they work?

As an intermediate apprentice, you’ll be spending 20% of your time training towards a qualification. How you spend this time will vary depending on your employer, you might have in-house training, or you could go to an external training provider or college.

The way this is organised will also depend on your employer, you might spend once a week training or you might spend block release working for weeks on end at the company and then spend a week at college training.

Can I do a level 2/intermediate apprenticeship?

An intermediate apprenticeship is for anybody at any age, but due to the level of the qualification they aren’t suited to everybody. An intermediate apprenticeship is right for you if you don’t have any GCSEs or equivalent qualifications or it has been a number of years since the last time you studied, and you’d like to train in a new industry. If you have GCSEs, or lots of experience in the industry your ideal apprenticeship is in, you may be better suited to an advanced apprenticeship.

What kind of apprenticeships can you do at level 2?

There are more than 100 different apprenticeships you can do at intermediate level, including:

  • Adult Care Worker
  • Animal Care and Welfare Assistant
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Commis Chef
  • Credit Controller
  • Gas Network Team Leader
  • Golf Greenkeeper
  • Junior Estate Agent
  • Nuclear Operative
  • Optical Assistant

What does an employer look for in my application?

In an intermediate apprenticeship application, an employer will be looking for your passion in the job that you are applying for. They won’t expect you to have lots of experience, but if you can show you have good time management, can prioritise and are organised this will get you a long way!

You’ll need 3 or more GCSEs to get onto an intermediate apprenticeship too, however if you have more experience than most this may not be as important – you’ll just have to pass some basic maths and numeracy tests before being enrolled on the course.

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