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What will the New Year bring?

Author: Calum Brown /09 January 2017/Categories: Apprenticeships

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What will the New Year bring?
With Christmas out of the way, the new year is upon us and I’m sat wondering where the time goes. I have been reunited with my desk and have attended an exciting meeting to discuss the plan for 2017 which made me think… if the company is already addressing this –  you will be too. January can be a challenging month in terms of direction, some of you may have realised university isn’t for you and that you need to make the change, others may be thinking about what options and opportunities are available to you after your exams.

The new year brings new opportunities. The Apprenticeship Levy is coming into force this April and with it more job vacancies. It has recently been announced in the news that people with disabilities such as deafness will be given more support to successfully complete their apprenticeship. This means that the government is helping to increase exposure for apprenticeships to effectively make them available to everyone. 

If you have your heart set on a degree but don’t want the gruelling debt that comes with it, apply for a degree apprenticeship! It does exactly what it says on the tin, you gain a degree through doing an apprenticeship – you work for 4 years as a paid apprentice, and at the end you’re awarded a degree. In 2017 the government will be working even harder to push these kinds of apprenticeships because it is a huge opportunity for many young people.

As a company and as an apprentice myself, we want to expose apprenticeships to more and more young people throughout 2017. We love to see people earning, learning and being successful in what they love to do whether it is through doing an apprenticeship or traineeship. At GetMyFirstJob we will be growing and working effectively to ensure more and more people land their dream apprenticeship.

Happy New Year! 

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The Latest From Our Apprenticeship & Traineeship Advice Blog


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