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Introduction Into Careers in Telecommunications

With people spending more time at home than ever during the Coronavirus lockdown, more services that require the internet and phone lines are being used. Services like:

  • Browsing and shopping online
  • Checking emails
  • Watching movies online

All of this internet and phone use requires a telecommunications infrastructure to support it. This is the opportunity facing many companies in the sector and many candidates just like you.

Creating these services is one thing, but maintaining them is an entirely new challenge. That’s why companies such as Vodafone, Virgin Media, BT, Openreach and many more are looking for the next generation of Field Technicians and Network Engineers to support everyday infrastructures that members of the public, companies and governments can use.

When you go online to check your social media, phone a friend or watch films, you’re using services that companies have to set up.

Modern Challenges. Modern Careers.

Maintaining technology services is great for customers and companies alike. With more users and customers, a business needs more technical staff. And that’s why, even during current circumstances, you’ll see companies like Vodafone, Virgin Media, BT and Openreach hiring candidates like you for these roles.

So, what does working in one of these companies actually look like? Let's explore what tasks two of the many telecommunications roles include:

Field Technician

Don’t leave home without your driving license for this job – you’re going to need it! And if you haven't got one, you should start working towards one.

You’ll often find Field Technicians out and about, travelling the nation to install and repair phone, TV and broadband products. You’ll meet plenty of people and even be able to share your knowledge you have, and your advice, to help them get the most out of their technology.

Network Engineer

When it comes to Network Engineers, it's not so much about building and repairing the customer's technology as it is the company's technology. Network Engineers are responsible for maintaining and building the physical network of cabling and cabinets that carry the company’s services from technical sites to the customers’ homes.

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As the UK races towards a complete and digital future, have you wondered who is working behind the scenes to make it all possible? Modern-day technology requires modern-day careers to support it?

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