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Drive My Career shows you why the automotive industry is a great place to work.

Why consider a career in the automotive industry? Because you will find a role that suits you and you will love it!
Regardless of what your interests and skills are, you will be able to find your ideal career opportunity. With nearly 600,000 people employed in the retail side of the automotive industry, this is one of the biggest and most diverse industries providing stable and successful careers.

Automotive franchised dealerships cover the whole of the UK and Drive My Career connects you with your local dealers. Find out who are the dealer groups that work in your area and get in touch with them.

Drive My Career is powered by senior experts that are passionate about automotive, as well as younger professionals that have entered the industry by chance and have fallen in love with it.

Find automotive companies in your area with Drive My Career

Sue Robinson, NFDA Director, “Drive My Career is not a regular job site, it is the start of a long-term campaign aimed at raising awareness and visibility of the auto-retail sector.”

What vacancies do you offer?

There are hundreds of different roles in the automotive industry ranging across all sectors. They are challenging and rewarding opportunities which would suit the most diverse skill sets. Long-term exciting career prospects usually come with competitive salaries and excellent benefits which differ depending on the employer.          
Junior roles in the sector are financially rewarding and allow you to reach the top if you’re enthusiastic and willing to learn. If you need support and training, the industry will help you grow             

Right now, it’s an exciting time to be involved in the automotive sector. The automotive industry is advancing at a fast pace. With the ever-increasing involvement of technology, the need for new solutions and fresh talent is clear.

Richard Roberts, Trident Honda managing director, said: “With careers in management, sales, workshop, and parts, each department offering very different careers and requiring very different skill sets - there really is a career to suit everyone.”

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