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Total People

Total People


Total People Ltd is a leading provider of Apprenticeships and Industry led training within the North West. With a reputation for quality, innovation and improvement, Total People support over 1,800 employers and 4,500 learners; each sector having dedicated, qualified training advisers who possess a wealth of sector experience and knowledge. 

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King Street
CW10 9LZ
   01606 734039

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Total People is at the forefront of developing new standards through Trailblazers, working extensively with a number of employers on the delivery of Apprenticeships in Electro-technical and Digital. With a focus on Higher Level Apprenticeships, Total People are working with a significant number of major employers across a number of vocational areas including Engineering, Digital, and HR.


Total People are one of the largest suppliers of work-based learning in the North West of England and Staffordshire. 

What they can offer

Total People provide a comprehensive range of services to you, including; searching for possible apprenticeships to suit your needs, advice and support when completing applications, and providing you with skills and guidance where necessary. 


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We don’t just provide apprenticeships – we care about young peoples’ futures and do everything possible to connect them with opportunities that will transform their lives. Providing choice, easy access to skills learning and that all-important break into their first job.

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