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Interested in Hiring an Apprentice?

EmergingTalent by GetMyFirstJob enables employers to ensure young people are matched with the right employment opportunities

GetMyFirstJob is a Social Enterprise committed to reducing youth unemployment and ensuring that young people are able to find the best options for them. We do this by working with a wide range of schools, colleges, providers and employers to make opportunities easily accessible. We’re also proud to be backed by Nesta Impact Investments and the City & Guilds Group. Their support allows us to make a big impact across the UK.

Interested in hiring an apprentice?

EmergingTalent by GetMyFirstJob enables employers to ensure young people are matched with the right employment opportunities.

Our in-house team of recruitment specialists, youth marketing and apprenticeship consultants, with the experience created from working with over 290,000 young people registered with GetMyFirstJob, enable us to offer a range of services to employers looking to identify and recruit new talent into their business.

Emerging Talent

Targeted emails:

Our data from 285,000 young people who have registered with GetMyFirstJob allow us to send customised, targeted emails to promote your brand or attract the talent you need.

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ProActive Apprenticeship and Traineeship Recruitment

Our recruiters will use the proactive nature of our platform, TalentPortal, to offer a fast and effective service to employers and learners. Our database of young talent combined with our innovative recruitment platform gives much greater control over the speed of fill and calibre of talent, coupled with bespoke talent pools, shortlisting and a full vacancy management service, enables us to match up employer opportunities with the best young talent in the area within weeks or in some cases even days!

Fully managed recruitment service

Our team will guide and advise employers on their opportunity and job specification and then manage the entire process from vacancy upload through to interview and hiring. Recruiters will phone interview, pre-vet and coach the prospective candidates to ensure that the right young people are put forward to the right employers for interview.

Pro-active search for candidates

With our ProActive Search function, there is no longer a need to wait for candidates to apply, our recruiters can actively search for candidates by their qualifications, framework interest, geography and much more to help place more candidates, more quickly.

Post vacancies across multiple platforms

Our system easily distributes opportunities to GetMyFirstJob and to other platforms such as NAS and NotGoingToUni amongst others. This ensures that opportunities are easily found by young people and all applications will be managed via their GetMyFirstJob profile.

Over 290,000 registered candidates

With over a quarter of a million candidates registered at GetMyFirstJob, over 40,000 in our active talent pool, and 8,000 new registrations every month and over 14,000 vacancies live at any one time, we have a fantastic starting point to get more young people into the right jobs with great employers quickly.

Emerging Talent

Match & Fill:

Use our team of in-house recruitment experts to manage the whole process for you, from writing the vacancy adverts to finding, interviewing and shortlisting the candidates you need.

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Emerging Talent

Partner with us:

We regularly run campaigns with many different partners to engage young people with the opportunities that apprenticeships, traineeships and vocational training offers them. With the apprenticeship levy coming up, we can work with you to get your message out there and attract the right young people to fill your vacancies.

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At GetMyFirstJob we’re different.

We don’t just provide apprenticeships – we care about young peoples’ futures and do everything possible to connect them with opportunities that will transform their lives. Providing choice, easy access to skills learning and that all-important break into their first job.

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