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Parent Resources

You’ll find lots of articles in the media about finding the right school for your child, but what about finding them the right job? Helping your child to take their first steps on the path to future success is a big responsibility. GetMyFirstJob is here to help. Connecting young people with employers and training providers quickly and successfully, we care about helping young people gain workplace experience and achieve nationally recognised qualifications.

Why choose GetMyFirstJob?

When your child registers with GetMyFirstJob, not only can they search for roles that interest them, but it also opens up doors to colleges and training providers. Each provider can help them to find the right Apprenticeship based on their locations and interests. They’ll also receive regular email updates with jobs that might interest them. The information provided during the registration process is vital, helping to match each person to a suitable local employer. The more information and experience they include in their profile, the faster and easier it is to match them to the right job. Once one of our training providers or employer partners have found a potential match, they’ll get in contact to arrange an interview, and even help with building a CV!

All jobs advertised on GetMyFirstJob include the opportunity to complete an Apprenticeship, Diploma or Foundation Degree. Each one sponsored by the employer and supported by Government Agencies such as the Skills Funding Agency. Whatever the role, it promises exciting opportunities to earn, learn and gain the skills and experience your child will need to get ahead.

What can you do to help?

It takes just 10 minutes to register on GetMyFirstJob and start searching, and it’s completely free, so get your child to sign up. It could be the most important choice they’ll ever make.

Use our resources

As well as our information pages, we also post regular blogs and videos with advice and guidance. Plus with our events calendar, you can easily find out about careers events in your area.

Find out more about Apprenticeships

Discover the future that’s waiting for your child, help them build valuable skills and get on the path to success. An Apprenticeship gives practical on-the-job experience, essential learning tools and all-important qualifications that will last for a lifetime, wherever tomorrow takes them.

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A traineeship is a short-term training programme, aimed at getting you ‘work ready’. They’re designed to give you basic training in English and Maths. And valuable work experience too. They help to build your CV and to gain confidence so you’re ready to find the apprenticeship you want.

An apprenticeship is a real job. You'll be working alongside experienced people, supporting them and learning from them as you go. Working at least 30 hours a week, you’ll gain most of the training you need in the workplace. But you may also go to a college, training provider, training centre or learn online to gain vital skills and qualifications.

You don’t need to worry about funding your training; the employer and the government cover the cost.

Traineeships are short term and are about building your skills and gaining work experience and are usually un-paid. For an apprenticeship working hours are around 30 per week and you will get paid an hourly wage. Wages vary depending on the level and type of apprenticeship, but must be at least the minimum apprenticeship wage. In some job roles your wage may increase as you progress and take on more responsibility. You will also get the same benefits as an employee including a holiday allowance.

There are 6 apprenticeship qualification levels. Intermediate Level 2, Advanced Level 3, Higher Level 4, 5 & 6.

Apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age of 16, living in England. There are different entry requirements depending on the level, sector and job. Check out the vacancy details for more specific entry requirements.

If you have a degree you can still apply for an apprenticeship, but you will not be eligible for any funding which means your employer will have to pay for your training. Some apprenticeships, such as higher apprenticeships require mature learners, so look out for these.

Unfortunately to be eligible for any apprenticeship funding you must have lived in the UK for 3 years.

An apprenticeship is a work-based qualification. Training and assessment can vary depending on the training provider. Some training may be completed on-site, or in a training centre. Some providers even offer online distance learning. Throughout your training you will need to build an apprenticeship portfolio as evidence of your training and work experience. Technical certificates will usually require a theory or practical assessment. Check out the training provider profile pages for more specific information on training.

Apprenticeship training varies across the different sectors, but they take on average 12 to18 months to complete. You must be committed to completing the whole programme. Once you have completed your first qualification you may then wish to progress to the next level apprenticeship.

As an apprentice you are just like any other employees in the business and are entitled to the same basic benefits, such as holiday pay. You should get at least 20 days paid holiday plus Bank Holidays.

Yes, training is part of your apprenticeship and there will be some days where you may need to take a day away from work for training with your provider.

If you still have a question that hasn’t be answered or you just require further advise fill in the contact us form. If you need help registering or with the system take a look at the GetMyFirstJob Frequently Asked Questions to see if we can answer your question.


At GetMyFirstJob we’re different.

We don’t just provide apprenticeships – we care about young peoples’ futures and do everything possible to connect them with opportunities that will transform their lives. Providing choice, easy access to skills learning and that all-important break into their first job.

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