Think you know everything about apprenticeships? Think again!

There are a lot of apprenticeships available and there are more levels and opportunities than ever before. They’ve changed a lot and so there are a lot of clichés you should avoid!

“Apprenticeships are all minimum wage”

WRONG! Whilst some companies can only afford to take apprentices on the National Apprenticeship Minimum Wage, there are also MORE employers who take on apprentices at a higher wage. Find out about the National Minimum Wage increase here  

For example, Royal Mail offer a variety of apprenticeships some of which start from £12,000 working up to £19,000. Most degree apprenticeships offer around £18,000 and we’ve seen some level 7 apprenticeships that go up to £23,000. 

“Only 16 to 18 year olds can get an apprenticeship”

WRONG! Apprenticeships are now available to any over the age of 16 years old. 

Adult apprenticeships are also available and many organisations are now putting their existing staff on apprenticeship courses. This means you could be doing an apprenticeship when you’re 16 or when you’re 60!

“I’ll have to go to College if I get an apprenticeship”

SOMETIMES! It solely depends on the Training provider. Some training providers have Workplace Assessors who will come out and see you at your employer, others have assigned days that you will need to attend College and some get your to do all of your training online and you don’t have to go anywhere!

Always check the advert or with the employer if you’re not sure. It’s where you’ll spend 20% of your time, so it is important to know that its your choice how you study.

“I’ll have no job after I’ve completed my apprenticeship”

NOT NECESSARILY! It really depends on your employer. Most employers take on their apprentices’ full time upon completion of their apprenticeship OR they help them progress their career and put them on to the next level apprenticeship.

If you look at the ‘Future Prospects’ it will tell you what you’re gauranteed at the end of your apprenticeship. Some employers will ensure you a job or an interview so it’s worth checking. 

“I’ll be treated differently at work as I’m an apprentice”

NO! All employees must be treated equally. You will work alongside experienced members of staff, gain job specific skills, earn a wage and get holiday pay as well as getting time to study for your assignments. 

You will also receive a contract of employment from your employer.

If this has conviened you, register and search for apprenticeships. 

This blog was written by Catherine Wiggins, a Talent Manager at GetMyFirstJob.