Ever wondered what people really think of AI technology? Well, we did too. We recently carried out a survey in conjunction with Microsoft where we asked juicy questions about AI to get a better understanding of how AI impacts their daily lives, career, and even how they use it when it comes to their job search. We asked well over 450 of you, so stick around for the results we uncovered…

General feeling towards AI technology 

AI is one of the most talked about topics in technology that we have seen in decades, with that comes a lot of excitement but also uncertainty. After doing some digging, we saw that only 16% reported they use AI daily. This suggests that many are taking a cautious approach, keeping up to date from the sidelines rather than fully embracing what AI has to offer. Although the uncertainty, a solid 37% of people are feeling optimistic about where AI is heading, and we can predict with 45% interested to learn more about AI, that with time the number of those taking advantage of it will only increase. 

Using AI in your career

Whilst using AI in your day job might be common knowledge to some, it is something that 35% of respondents only feel somewhat comfortable in doing. “AI will replace our jobs” is a phrase you have probably heard dropped into conversation whilst on the topic of how quick AI is changing. We wanted to grab some statistics around this assumption and found that a third of people ranked AI replacing their job at the top of their concerns. This again shows caution around the use of AI technology. Talking openly with your employer about how AI is changing and the impact it could have on your role is super important for debunking any misconceptions.


The opportunities AI technology has

AI offers numerous opportunities, and for 30% of people, its potential to boost productivity stands out as the most exciting. This supports the idea that rather than replacing jobs, AI can just increase how much you get done. The takeaway? It's all about working smarter, not harder! However, it's important that you're looking at reliable sources when exploring AI opportunities. With no surprise, 46% of people said they learn about AI through social media. With this, we found that 55% of people are motivated to learn even more about how they can use AI, which proves just how much of a conversation is being created around it. Remember, fact-checking the information you read before seeing it as truth is important. 

Using AI in your job search

Our survey revealed that 65% of people claimed they use AI to assist in their job search. However, it's worth noting that once entering the application process, 32% of individuals also admitted to using AI to prepare for job interviews. This suggests that employers maybe having to rethink their approach, and accept that AI is becoming a part of our everyday lives. During our recent employer roundtables, we gathered that 38% of employers saw candidates using AI - up from 25% at the earlier roundtable last year, only 7% of employers had a policy on candidates using AI. During the job search process, it's important to check with the employer before using AI technology to avoid it lowering the chances of a job offer.

The results we found from this survey remind us that the amount we use AI in our daily lives is increasing, and the opportunities that comes with it are endless. With anything new comes uncertainty, and we can see that this is still very much present whilst on the topic of AI technology. As AI continues to evolve, it's important to address concerns through education and fact-checking to make sure we're using it to its full potential for a positive impact in our lives and careers.

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