At GetMyFirstJob we’ve got a range of employees, from people currently doing an apprenticeship within the organisation to people whose children are about to make the decision on what to do after college.

We thought it would be great to speak to Kim Francis, whose son in currently 18 years old, about what it’s like to be a parent at this critical stage of someone’s life. At the end of the day, everybody knows how difficult it is living with a teenager, and a stressed one who doesn’t know what they want to do and is sitting exams can be tricky. But anyway, here’s what Kim had to say:

“As a parent it feels like you spend most of your life worrying about your child’s future.

First day at nursery! First day at school! How they will pass exams and so on… Obviously, you want them to do as well as they can, but, at the same time, not to feel like it’s the end of the world if they have not done as well as expected.

Regarding the world of work, you try to guide them the best way you can with the knowledge you have from your own working life. Unfortunately, this can be limited; especially when they don’t know what you want to do when they grow up!

My son, who is now 18, did not have a clue about what sort of vocation he would take, and at 16 he needed some light bulb moment or at least some guidance. But he knows exactly what he wants to do now!

The biggest surprise to me as a mother of an 18-year-old is the amount of opportunities they have regarding apprenticeships now."

Worry no more parents out there!

"I have come to the realisation that there is a wealth of opportunity for school leavers regardless of their successes or failures with exams. The world of Apprenticeships can stir their imagination and give them a wealth of inspiration for what career they should choose.”

So, if you think an apprenticeship could inspire your child, find out what opportunities are available and search for apprenticeships.

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