Getting an apprenticeship could be your first experience of recruitment & trying to get a job. We’ve been speaking to our very own Josh Lund, a Talent Manager on our recruitment team on his advice. 

We asked Josh to talk to us about his biggest pet peeves, and what you can do to best prepare yourself to get a job before even speaking to a recruiter.

Josh’s tips:

Have an appropriate answer phone message

If you don’t answer your phone, I’ll leave you a voicemail with my details. The amount of times I have listened to a voicemail and been sworn at or had to listen to someone singing their voicemail (yes people really do that) is countless! When this happens, I normally decide to not leave a voicemail – if you’re singing your voicemail, you may not ready for an apprenticeship…

Change your voicemail to something more appropriate. Apologise for not being able to get to the phone, say your name and tell the person if they leave a message you will get back as soon as possible.

Create a new, professional email address

An appropriate email address is really important, I want to be able to take your seriously from the start. A good email address should be similar to this:

Employers are unlikely to send out offers of employment to a! It gives out the wrong impression.

Listen to your voicemails

I leave on average 20-30 voicemails a day, and only get calls back from 2 or 3 people. I appreciate every role I call about may not be of interest, but if you’re looking for an apprenticeship and a recruiter is calling you, take advantage of it! If someone calls me back, but they’re not interested in the role I called them about, I’m more than happy to talk to them about any other roles I have that they might be interested in.

So, there are Josh’s pearls of wisdom. We’ll be talking to our Talent Managers more often this year about their tips. But in the meantime, click here if you want some more information on interviews.

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