Watching your parents on a computer, tablet or even their phone is a painful thing to go through, for anyone.

It can be quite funny when your Mum or Dad can’t understand why her phone won’t stop ringing or how to download an app. For me, the funniest moment was when my Mum got an iPhone (an upgrade perhaps a little too big for her), managed to get Siri up and had an argument with her because she thought she was a telesales person and couldn’t work out how to hang up! It’s quite funny thinking about parents using technology, so it’s safe to say that a vast majority are stuck in the stone age. Not just using technology, but also when it comes to apprenticeships. Back in their day, apprenticeships were for very manual roles and were seen to be something for lesser achieving people, which may explain why they’re less keen for you to do one. It’s important to explain to them how apprenticeships have changed, so here’s a guide when talking to your parents about apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships Vs University

A majority of parents will be very adamant that you should be going to University if you get good A-Level results. This may be because they don’t think that apprenticeships can be the equivalent of a degree. In fact, 81% of parents don't realise that higher apprenticeships are on a par with foundation degrees and, in some cases, even bachelor's degrees, a survey carried out by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) suggests. If your parents want to know what it’s like being a law apprentice, they can read Laura’s story here. Also let your parents know that 44% of graduates wish they had done a more vocational route, such as an apprenticeship! 

Apprenticeships top tips