Are you contemplating the world of apprenticeships, but a little hesitant? Bethany is here to share her experience so far, unpacking what a typical day as a Social Account Executive looks like and why an apprenticeship might be the right path for you.

What does a typical day look like as Social Account Apprentice?


No two days are the same in a role like Bethany’s. She is tasked with handling a variety of projects primarily focusing on creating, managing and optimising paid social campaigns. This involves working across platforms like Meta, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As an apprentice, Bethany became a member of the Volvo Account within the Performance Marketing team. This allowed her to gain practical experience responding to client requests, coming up with campaign ideas, and maintaining effective communication with platform representatives and publishers. Apprenticeships like Bethany’s provide the opportunity to engage in a variety of projects, enabling hands on learning and the development of transferable skills.


How can an apprenticeship offer a meaningful alternative path to higher education?


Many tend to believe that pursuing university is the sole path available to them post college. Bethany's apprenticeship has proven to be a pivotal factor in her career success, providing her with exposure to world leading clients such as Dyson and Volvo. Bethany shared that during her time as an apprentice, she was able to dedicate time and effort to personal and professional growth that will be applicable throughout her career. Upon completing her apprenticeship, she was given the responsibility of managing global markets by herself and leading their marketing campaigns at Mindshare Agency. Additionally, she was able to mentor and train other Account Executives based overseas to ensure standards are maintained across the company, which is a transferable skill in any work environment.


 How can you make the most of an apprenticeship?


Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and ask as many questions as you need to. (No question is a stupid one!) Be motivated, be confident, and take every opportunity that comes your way! You only do an apprenticeship once so make it the best!”

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