In today's rapidly evolving job market, digital skills are more in demand than ever across various industries. While companies like Microsoft are often top of mind when considering digital roles, Connector opens the door to many more employers that offer digital roles – many that you may not expect!

Digital Opportunities in the Royal Air Force

One example to note is the Royal Air Force (RAF). When you think of the RAF, you may think of roles that involve aviation and defence, but we're here to let you know that digital skills are important to the RAF to make sure they can run their operations smoothly. Here are some of the role’s RAF are offering on Microsoft Connector:


          Cyberspace Communication Specialist - Level 3 Apprenticeship

Within your role as a Cyberspace Communication Specialist - Level 3 Apprentice at the RAF, you’ll ensure that the RAF remains at the cutting edge of technological advances, essential for the RAF to be able to communicate effectively and move information around safely and securely. This apprenticeship is crucial for maintaining the RAF's operational efficiency and security.


Other Unexpected Employers:

Besides the RAF, here are other employers you may not expect looking for digital talent on Microsoft Connector:


The IT Technical Salesperson at BPP helps our clients get the best tech solutions by understanding their needs and selling the right products. This role is important for keeping BPP competitive and making sure our customers are happy.


          England Netball

For a sports organisation, making sure the world knows what their up to is super important! So, a Social Media Manager is a key part to play in the organisation’s communication strategy. But it’s not just off the court they’re important. Data Analysts are on hand to review opponents’ performances, finding areas England can exploit to win the match.


Microsoft Connector is an excellent platform for kickstarting your career in digital. It not only makes finding a job in digital easier but also opens doors to employers you may not expect to need digital skills. Regardless of where your interest lies in digital, Connector has a wide range of employers offering opportunities in various fields, making it much easier to discover a role that best fits your skills and interests. Start your job search on Microsoft Connector today by clicking here to create an account.

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