So, exam season 2018 has started, if you’re not ready, don’t worry! There’s still time to impact what grade you could get, and more time to nail your exam routine.

For many people, the revision isn’t what makes you nervous ahead of your exam, it’s the exam itself. If that sounds like you we’ve got some exam tips for you so rather than the revision itself! If you’ve got any suggestions or want to share your experiences, just email any of us or let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Without further ado, here’s some tips:

Get Enough Sleep

You might think it’s a great idea to stay up really late the night before your exam to cram in your revision, but actually sleep is really important too. It will mean that you’re more relaxed and won’t be yawning through your exam, you’ll be able to concentrate.

If you still want to do revision, you could just do it in the morning!

Avoid Heavy Meals

It’s great to celebrate the evening before an exam with a takeaway, but actually brain food is more important! If you have something lighter, and snack on fruit and veg (dark chocolate is also great) then you’ll be able to concentrate longer & nail your exams!


Make sure you know how you’re getting to school or college the next day. Check on the weather and have a back-up plan just in case! If you’re planning on getting public transport, try to get an earlier option; it’s better to be an hour early than 5 minutes early but stressed because you almost missed the start of the exam…

Pack everything the night before

Who knows what will happen the morning of the exam, so make sure everything is ready to go the night before. Make sure you’ve got plenty of pens, pencils and a calculator if you need it. And prepare your water bottle as you need it – you’re not meant to have a label on it for starters!

There’s also less stress in the morning if everything is already sorted.

Avoid nervous friends

If you’ve got friends who you know will make you nervous by asking loads of questions about what you’ve revised or how you think you’ll do, just don’t spend time with them during the day! They should understand, and it’ll be better if you’re relaxed, even if you tell them you want to revise in the library by yourself.

Read questions carefully

There’s nothing worse than spending 10 minutes on a question and then going back and realising you misread it! Read the question properly, look for buzzwords and make sure you’re doing the right thing. If you need practise knowing what the questions are asking, look through past papers and their answers.

Go over your exam answers

What’s more important is reading over your exam answers (if you’ve got time). Reading through it again could make you realise a small mistake that needs to be improved or make you realise a sentence makes no grammatical sense, so you need to rework it, which is completely ok!

Just look over your exam answers where you can, particularly if you’ve got 5 minutes left at the end.

Stay for the entire exam

This sounds like it makes a lot of sense, but you’ve been given a certain amount of time for a reason. In some schools and with some exams, teachers will let you leave when you feel you are finished but remember once you hand it in there’s no going back!

If you do finish early, read through the paper one last time and once more again. If you’re then done, go home!

Don't panic

Your exams aren’t the end of the world, if you don’t get the results you’re expected its ok. And if you feel an exam went badly, it probably didn’t go as badly as you thought. If you do think it did, just find some space by yourself to collect your thoughts. For starters, it won’t help hearing all of your friends talking about the exam if you put different answers to them!

We hope this has helped you, if you need anything else, just let us know – we're happy to help!

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